StrikeForce Brawl Gives MMA Blackeye

strikeforceAnyone who saw the mayhem that broke out after Jake Shields defended his Strikeforce middleweight belt by beating Dan Henderson must have been thinking the same thing…What the fuck is going on here? Read more.

I have to admit, my first thought was that the whole thing was staged, I thought that for all of ten seconds until I saw a security guard feeding some punk uppies till he was spitting chiglets. To many who caught the CBS broadcast, it was an absolute disgrace and a black eye to the world of MMA. To us sick fucks out there, it was kind of awesome, but highly inappropriate.

To a sport literally fighting to become a staple in the world of sport, one has to think that this little skirmish does not bold well. When you consider the fact that MMA is banned in several venues under law, this is exactly the reason why. You would think that these guys would understand that this isn’t a bar fight, it’s their sport and its their livelihood, no sport, no job, it’s pretty simple. We all understand that these guys are caged animals and it doesn’t take much for tempers to boil over, but you don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house and you don’t start brawls on national television when your sport is trying to prove it’s not glorified street fighting.

As a fan of the sport, its upsetting to see an opportunity for the sport to grow fall flat on its face. Did anyone see the Diaz brothers working over Miller? That was savage, and at the same time deserved. Miller got what he wanted, a fight, albeit, he got it at the expense of perhaps the entire industry. Optimistically speaking, this whole thing blows over. Wishfully thinking, this brawl attracts more people to MMA and the bad blood leads to an incredible hate match that will garner a lot of attention.

Of course that is wishful thinking, and while it would have probably been best for the sport if that brawl didn’t happen, my guess is there is a little part of every MMA fan that likes to see a little brawl action now and then. It can’t be just me.