Bull’s Noah Talking Smack And Backing It Up

Both hands, fundamentally sound Noah.
Both hands, fundamentally sound Noah.

You have to love Joakim Noah for speaking his mind. When he says Cleveland sucks, you can’t blame him, it’s not exactly a spot on everyone’s vacation list. Why Noah felt the need to throw in a jab at Kevin Garnett, well that’s just a smack talker getting carried away, and you can’t fault him for what he is. Read more.

Noah is already disliked in Cleveland after he called King James out for his dancing antics on the court earlier in the season. Again, I have back Noah on that, no one wants to see the other team doing the Harlem shake while their getting blasted. Aside from the all the smack talk which just adds more excitement to the playoffs, Noah and the Chicago Bulls are holding their own against the mighty Cavs.

For Bulls fans and all bettors looking at this series, the initial outlook wasn’t pretty. It looked like a sweep, and it still does. But, the question for bettors was always whether the Bulls would be competitive enough to win us some money on the point spread. That question was answered in Game 2. Despite Lebron going off for a 40 spot, the Bulls hung in the game and managed to cover on a +10.5 point spread by losing 110 to 102.

As for Noah, maybe he should start talking smack before every playoff game. Noah had the game of his life, as he led the team in scoring and rebounds with 25 points and 13 boards. Noah also added three dimes and a blocked shot to round out a solid performance. If anything, Noah is showing signs that he’ll be a superstar in this league real soon, and as we all know, it’s not smack talk when you can back it up.

Maybe people shouldn’t be all that surprised that the Bulls are hanging in there against the Cavs. This is a team that has been basically playing sudden death playoff games for the past month just to make the playoffs. Plus this team has winners on the team, guys that don’t give up. Noah won back to back college national championships and Rose is the real deal. The Bulls head home for Game 3 against the Cavs, will they cover? Noah probably thinks so, I’m sure Bulls fans do to. Me? Not so much, No. 23 likes putting on a show in the Chi.