NBA Awards

lebronjamesIt’s almost a foregone conclusion that LeBron James will win this year’s NBA Most Valuable Player award. It’s no surprise really, the King has been doing his thing in Cleveland this year in leading them to the best record in the NBA and securing home court advantage for the playoffs. James has improved his game since last year, if that’s even possible, and he might be in the running for the defensive player of year award as well. He won’t get it though, Dwight Howard has that locked up like David Carruthers.

Sixth man award is a no brainer, Jamal Crawford of the Atlanta Hawks, or as he’s known now as Point A Minute, should be getting that award. Crawford known for his guest appearances in westcoast amateur streetball tournaments has taken his game to new levels in hot Atlanta, and the silky smooth guard has the Atlanta Hawks in position to challenge for the Eastern Conference title.

Rookie of the Year- Everyone wants to crown Tyreke Evans as the hands down rookie of the year, I’m not on that boat. While I think its cool that Evans drinks Kool-aid on the sidelines during timeouts, young bucks…I can’t jump on the hype train because he plays for such a shitty team. It’s the same deal with the Steph Curry and the skeleton crew of a team Nelly has over there in Golden State. Both are great rookies, but what about Brandon Jennings. Here’s a guy who dropped 55 points in a game this year already and has lead the once despicable Milwaukee Bucks to the playoffs. That’s got to be tough to do, but this young kid has been the floor general for a city that until this year was best known as the serial killer capital of the United States.

Kevin Durant should get some MVP consideration since Lebron takes too many days off, and Durant happens to be the youngest player ever at 21 to win the NBA scoring title. Too bad Phil Jackson may have put the kibosh on his foul calls with a carefully planted statement made in the press last week. Read more. That’s beyond a veteran move.

Speaking of veterans, the NBA should expand its awards to include the most outstanding Veteran player. An award for the most elderly players still getting it done. It’s not like anyone will lead the league in scoring at 35 like Jordan, but guys like Grant Hill and Steve Nash, who leads the NBA in assists should be rewarded for winning the battle with father time.