Going green puts more green in your pocket

Eric Hansel of EGM Green Eco-Friendly Sustainability iGamingAs iGaming operators, affiliates, super affiliates…the easiest and most profitable way for you to become more sustainable is a concept that we all understand. If you run a web site with affiliate banners, then you are on your way to the Green. Seriously.

The ability to earn revenue from an affiliate program coupled with the SEO knowledge that this industry possesses along with Green initiatives being new to the industry form a sort of perfect storm. Early adopters will own this market, and then new revenue streams begin here.

Just like in the land-based industry, every few yrs (10 for them) you need to search out new opportunities to make money so that you will remain ahead of the curve and continue improving profit margins.

Using a Green House Gas (GHG) offset calculator as an affiliate ad offers your players the ability to offset the emissions for playing on the site. That is only the beginning, because you can add more options for purchase. You can add the ability to offset their household emissions, business emissions; airline emissions…other industries are already doing this.

Every time someone purchases an offset, you (the site owner) make money. It would be a calculation based on the offset chosen and what goes into it. Which brings me to the best part of this initiative; the offsets purchased are customized to your core values. For instance, I’m a Jewish guy who spent part of his adolescence in Israel planting trees, and I live close to the beach, so I would choose a tree planting program in a coastal area of the Eastern US. You may choose to build possible revenue through a renewable energy farm. Whatever blows your skirt up. The point is that you get to choose where you offset.

Customization of the program allows you to start telling your sustainability story to players at the point of sale. When you can involve customers in helping you to become something (more Green in this case) they become more invested in your business. It’s not the same as a one time $500 deposit. Sustainability is about capital preservation and asset retention and longevity (keeping the customers that you have for a very long time).

The point is the rest of the industries all over the world believe that Green is here to stay. Looking at the different renewable energy goals 20%-100% depending on where in the world you live, it’s easy to see opportunities to make Green by going Green. Getting an emissions calculator is an easy first step towards sustainability.

Eric Hansel is the founder of EGM Green, which designs and manufactures eco-friendly casino tables as well as providing green consulting for casinos, hotels, spas and homes.