Cake poker introduces tables to combat short-stackers

Michelle-obama_small-penisIf you’ve got a short stack, here’s two pieces of advice. Don’t go out with Rihanna and don’t play on Cake Poker. Actually, I take that back. Do play on Cake, because now they’ve now created two categories for two types of player on their network. There is ‘regular’ – which has a buy-in of 30-100 big blinds – in other words, poker for real players; players with cohones. And ‘shallow’, which has a buy-in of 20-50 big blinds: poker for players with balls the size of marbles. Well done to Cake for taking issue with the short-stackers who are taking the skill out of the game, although for now it will only drive them to other sites until they follow suit. I mean, who’d walk into a room with Small Dicks Only written on the door? Read more.