Hppy V Day Babe...Out wit the boyz ttyl.
Hppy V Day Babe...Out wit the boyz ttyl.

When Pacific Online came up with the idea to create a system where people can bet on the lottery via text message, not only was it just a fucking solid idea, to text-a-holic that’s ringtone music to our ears…Read more.

Text messaging is severely underused. I mean people talk and communicate back and forth with it, but clearly we can take it a step further…I’m talking text-a-mania for those many text-a-holics out there.

Text lottery is a great idea, how about text bingo? Someone needs to get on that right away. You sign up with a gaming operator, download their bingo template, and boom, you receive texts saying which square is being called out, first person to text back a template with a winning bingo wins. They’d have to iron out a few glitches, but the idea is gold.

Question. Could you text a number, leave you address and have call girls show up? One or two or three, whatever you want? If that service is not available it should be.

How about text pizza? Yeah baby. You text the pizza you want, the toppings, and your address, a guy shows up with your “Za” and its all good.

How about text sportsbetting? That actually can’t be too far off. If you had your gaming account set up through your phone, you could text your picks. The possibilities for texting applications with betting are endless.

If I had it my way, and I know there’s other text-a-holics out there, I would text everything. No more phone conversations, no more going to the store to grab lottery tickets, no more using the phone to order pizza, no more talking to girlfriends, just text baby, holidays, anniversaries, no problem, just text, read it and weep.

Seriously though, this new innovation by Pacific Online could catch on like wildfire in so many other places in the world. The convenience of it, would also allow more people to play the lottery. As I eluded to earlier, there’s a shitload of new things and activities that could be accomplished via text. Once gaming operators and mobile gaming solution providers figure that out, I’m guessing we will see an explosions of text based mobile offerings. People love things that are quick, easy, convenient, and time efficient, that’s no secret. But perhaps more importantly, the trend we are seeing is that people are moving towards anything and everything mobile. And that trend is only going to get bigger and bigger as technology advances, you can text bet on that.