The Themed Slot Train

tombraiderslotFollowing the lead of Cryptologic’s Marvel Superhero Slots and Playtech’s DC and movie character themed games, Microgaming is set to produce a new string of online slot machines with a Lord of The Rings movie theme. Read more.

The online video slots will have Lord of the Rings graphics and characters but the way in which the Lord Of The Rings themes will be interpreted in the games remains to be seen.

Microgaming is simply following a trend that has proven to be successful in the online gambling markets. They certainly chose a blockbuster to follow, the widely popular Lord of the Rings trilogy raked in millions at the box office and home video sales and has a cult like following.

Quick question, which movie or video game theme will be next? Here’s an idea, what if they made a Pulp Fiction movie theme, they can throw in a couple sound bites from Samuel Jackson… Or what about a comedy like the Hangover, never would people be so happy while they lose money…The possibilities are endless. What if they took it one step further…You know where I’m going with this, I’m talking porn themed slots! Think about it for a second…You’re combining the fan base of one of the biggest online industries with the other biggest online industry and boom, you have Porn Star slots, we’re talking big money business here. Jenna Jamison, Tera Patrick, Tila Tequila, Paris Hilton, oops, she would have to be in the Amateur Porn Star Slots version. Of course, the only problem would be some operator taking it to the extreme to accomodate the full spectrum, next thing you know there’s games called Two Slots. Too far?

Why do people gravitate towards themed slots? The obvious answer is that they are more interesting that theme- less slots but it’s more than that. Themed slots have become a major trend in the online gambling industry, a trend that wasn’t missed on Microgaming. Perhaps the reason is that people begin to associate the slots with memorable or lovable characters and movie themes, combine that with the added entertainment value and you have a product that people can really get into. If it wasn’t for the often steep price of representation rights, probably every casino in some facet would incorporate a movie or comic character theme. While for the major productions the price may be hefty, when you consider the upside of increasing your client base it may be worth jumping on the theme train.