iGaming Party SIN-dex: The Evidence & Seal of Approval

SINdexDo you ever wake up in the morning at a conference and think to yourself, oh my god, what did I do last night? Well, I have some good news- you can probably find out what you did at the CalvinAyre.com party SIN-dex. If you’re really lucky, you may have even won the coveted DAF Award which, of course, means you were “drunk as f*%ck” the night before. Its ok. We’ve all been there. Be proud and embrace it!

Keeping in mind that the phrase “International Socialite” is an official part of my title, the CalvinAyre.com Party SIN-dex has a place near and dear to my heart and I think its a perfect way to keep up with the conference gossip. The SIN-dex is very handy for those who are trying to piece together what happened during late night’s drunken stupor, for those who want to keep a watchful eye on their loved one, for those who want to plan out their next sexcapade, for those who want to get their hands on some evidence to blackmail a colleague or affiliate, and for anyone who wants to see some T ‘n A. Don’t forget, we at CalvinAyre.com are here to help.

If you have not already, check out the SIN-dex list of parties that have taken place since September 2009 and have a look at the colorful descriptions, pictures, videos and DAF awards for a good laugh and some great evidence. Please remember it’s all in good fun, and I like to think the DAF award is the conference party seal of approval- it really is an honor. Also, if you’ve got any juicy gossip or pictures that you’d like to share, go ahead and “slap” the Ask or Tell button and let Bo DaDogg know what’s up so I’m not the only one feeding him the juice. Wait, who said that? I have nothing to do with the SIN-dex!

Now go check out my favorite part of CalvinAyre.com and bookmark that shite!