Sky Betting and Gaming tackle fraud with iovation

Sky's the limit

Sky Betting and Gaming has agreed a deal to entrust its online security to device reputation service company iovation.

The BSkyB-owned online bookmaker, whose portfolio of gaming sites includes Sky Bet, Sky Poker, Sky Vegas and Sky Bingo is hopeful that the move will save millions in reduced fraud loss, improved efficiencies and enhanced customer trust.

Proven device recognition technology, sophisticated pattern matching, and device-based risk scoring, are the defence mechanisms iovation has been using to tackle online fraud over the five years. In that short time-frame the Portland-based firm has morphed from a modest start-up into one of the leaders in its field, boasting the world’s largest database of devices used in online fraud.

“We reviewed several fraud mitigation tools and found iovation to be highly effective at identifying and preventing fraud,” said Bernard Casey, Head of Gaming Operations at Sky Betting and Gaming. “Not only that, the service is completely transparent and doesn’t impede the customer’s activity across any of our e-gaming products. We’re excited about participating in iovation’s global fraud community and stopping fraud within the entire industry.”

Sky Betting and Gaming will benefit from real-time responses to device reputation queries, allowing the site to automatically allow, deny or review transactions. It will also have the ability to set customized business rules to help home in on suspicious behaviour. With greater visibility into high-risk transactions, Sky Betting and Gaming are optimistic of gaining the upper hand on those good for nothing fraudsters.