The Secret Email Underground

ewansemailA lot of schenanegans go on in iGaming.

Many poker operators are tired of having their rake races, deposit bonuses, and tournament formats ripped off by their competitors. I saw two poker room managers nearly come to blows at an iGaming Social recently! One form of player marketing that’s almost impossible to copy is email marketing. When you have a complex email follow-up sequence, you have an asset that’s invisible, despite existing in broad daylight.

Let me explain…

Let’s say you have a 52-part autoresponder that goes out to play money players. Then you have another 52 series that goes out to play money players who are becoming more active, and showing signs of depositing. And layered on top of THAT, you have a whole different reactiation sequence that goes out to players who are in ‘decline’ status (designed to butter up players who haven’t touched a real money game in 15 days.) A system like can be a million dollar asset – and yet it’s very difficult to steal.

If you can picture your website’s landing page an oak tree, then your follow up email sequence is like the oak’s sprawling, complex root system, driven 10 feet underground, and impossible to dig up. Your rivals would have to create all sorts of different accounts with you, and simulate all kinds of different player situations to even get a glimpse of your machine. And seriously, for all the talk of how competitive this industry is, nobody bothers to do that.

At EIG, I could have stood up and detailed in amazing clarity, one of the email sequences that RealMoneyPlayers designed for a leading iGaming operator – breaking down to component level a system that delivers millions of dollars in deposits every week. And do you know what would happen? One by one, everybody in the room would either fall asleep or leave.

As simple and effective as follow up email sequences are, almost nobody pays attention to them. If you’re using follow up email sequence to market to players, congratulations.

You can’t steal what you can’t see.

Ewan Oxford is founder of – the iGaming player marketing consultancy.