14 September 2015, Monday
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Alex Dreyfus Wants a HUD Free Twitch Experience
Lee Davy
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Alex Dreyfus speaks to Lee about why he would like to see HUD removed from Twitch streams before the scare away the recreational players. 1. How The Live Stream Gives Pros a Huge Edge
2. How will Twitch streaming impact Poker Industry
Today’s Top Stories
eSports betting options growing rapidly
Peter Amsel
Ultraplay-powered gambling site VitalBet adds eSports live betting option as bookies scramble to keep pace with growing demand.
Operation Gambling yields €25M in asset freeze
Jasmine Solana
Authorities in Italy netted €25M in frozen assets following an extensive crackdown on an alleged mafia involved in online gambling.
Cocaine syndicate launders money through Casinos
Criz Hombrebueno
Criminal network, including Australian promoter Andrew McManus, accused of laundering cocaine proceeds through Sydney and Las Vegas casinos.
PPC Tip: PPC Campaign Tracking & Tagging
The Media Image's Manny Berndorfler talks about PPC Campaign Tracking & Tagging in this edition of CalvinAyre.com’s PPC Tip of the Week.
Watch the Video >>
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