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The truth about social gaming and real money gambling with Evan Hoff
Rebecca Liggero
Becky spoke with Evan Hoff of Velo Partners who is focused on investing and advising in the games and gambling space.
MODQs - Where will US iGaming traffic come from?
Mike O'Donnell
Mike gives us his thoughts on the different variables surrounding an iGaming affiliate site.
Maximising Lateral Opportunities - Why Affiliates Shouldn't Miss a Revenue Trick
Lee-Ann Johnstone
Guest contributor Lee-Ann submitted this Q and A regarding how affiliates can maximise lateral earning opportunities in a highly competitive market.
Tony G on PokerNews, PartyPoker and Politics
Lee Davy
There are as many sides to Tony G as the Rubik cube he solved faster than anyone else when he was growing up as a child in Lithuania.
Eamonn Toland on Marketing Paddy Power in the US
Becky talks to Eamonn Toland about his plans in the US for Paddy Power brand, and how they use social media as a platform for marketing.
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