IGB Affiliate Awards After Party at Jalouse

iGaming Business Affiliate Awards After Party 16

There are three affiliates who stand out as probably the biggest and baddest party animals in iGaming… Pokerisivut.com, Smartgambler.com and RakeTheRake.com. So, given that this after party was sorted out by all three of these affiliate legends, it goes without saying that it went off with a bang.

As Jalouse is one of the most exclusive clubs in the capital, Paris Hilton was here last year. This time around America’s classiest hostess heiress didn’t turn up, but the place was still oozing with the cream of London’s social scene – myself excluded of course. But it was the iGaming crowd who stole the show, pouring into the VIP section like the Normandy landings and taking over half the club. Magnums of champagne were ordered en masse and throughout the night enormous bottles of Grey Goose were doing the rounds. Inevitably, there was only one way this bash was going to go – and that was the way of the pear – especially as everyone had already necked a skinful of wine at the IGB Affiliate Awards evening beforehand. All present were completely poo-nosed.

Becky’s highlights of the night included dancing on the tables with Nick from CakePoker.com, Johan from AffiliateTipsAgents.com, Arli of CoinFlip.com, the CardsChat.com boys and Andreas from internet-poker.com – but then that’s probably because that was just about all she could remember of the night. In fact, several people can’t actually remember getting home – but then that’s probably because half of them didn’t. Becky’s memory of events might be hazy but she does remember seeing one or two few iGaming people sidling off together for a, erm, nightcap… The night rumbled on until well past 4am, and even then some of the harder core were still up for more – and found themselves staggering off to the strip clubs and other such drinking ‘oles thanks to that other London legend – Kieran the London Club Promoter.

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