Online Bingo Awards 2011

6th Annual Online Bingo Awards | iGaming Conference Events

6th Annual Online Bingo Awards | iGaming Conference Events

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The online bingo sector is one that is enjoying its time in spotlight right now. Accordingly online bingo’s largest event, the 6th Online Bingo Summit, returns in June to the Victoria Park Plaza in the centre of the iGaming universe, London.

The advent of online bingo has meant that this form of gambling is no longer restricted to the dark lifeless bingo halls of the past. These have given way to bright colorful sites offering all manner of different gimmicks to lure the unsuspecting punter in.

As part of the conference there will be the almost customary gaming conference awards ceremony. Organized like the conference itself by Bullet Business, it will take place on the first evening of the conference, June 1st. With 300 key industry bodies in attendance you are sure to be picking up your award in style in front of those who matter and a victory celebration is a must.

Finalists for each award will receive extensive media coverage and press releases before the ceremony takes place. This will give way to post-conference coverage releases after the awards and you may be lucky enough to have a shiny Bullet Business Online Bingo Award to show off at your office. Nominations for the awards can be sent in by anyone and every award is open to this.

Also this wouldn’t be an awards ceremony without the customary after party. You can be rest assured that like last year the team will be there to cover both the awards and after party for the tablog viewing public’s pleasure. This obviously means that the DAF award can be yours and it might be wise to take along your favorite dobber to daub anyone that drinks a little too much Irish coffee.

The conference itself has had a makeover and will see a new format for its sixth incarnation and more information on the conference and subsequent awards is available at this link (

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