What is a provably fair casino game?


what-is-a-provably-fair-casino-gameContent providers are always looking for the next innovation in games, something that will give their products an edge over the competition. As players become more knowledgeable about game offerings, building a game to be provably fair with Bitcoin SV can give your product offering an edge over the competition by laying all your cards on the table.

What does provably fair mean?

Quite simply, something is provably fair if all parties can independently verify the fairness of the game. So while casino games have been traditionally certified by a third party, and a player can visit that certification to understand the game is fair, with a provably fair game, they can verify the game’s algorithm for themselves.

How does Bitcoin SV make provably fair gaming work?

This is made possible by recording game data on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. By writing slot spins or hand histories to the public ledger, recording the random seed that created them, players can then access these seeds and use the game’s algorithm, either provided on the operators site or a third party providers, to recreate the results for themselves.

For the newer player who wants to be sure that the game is fair, this is a great way to prove it for themselves. For the returning player who wants to know the game works just as well as it did the first time they played, their play history is saved forever on the blockchain, and they can verify if their first spin worked just the same as their latest.

The benefits of provably fair gaming

Players immediately benefit by having the option to verify the fairness of the game for themselves. While a majority of players may never question that a game is fair, the small minority that do will have their concerns quickly addressed by putting in the random seed into the algorithm for themselves.

For operators and game suppliers, the benefit that comes from that is an increased demand. But there is a knock on effect by using the BSV blockchain to record data. As Bitcoin SV can be used for both payments and to record data, players’ spins can be recorded in the very transactions they pay them out. That reduces your data storage costs, while also providing a provably fair experience.

How can we start developing provably fair games?

The time is coming when provably fair gaming will reach a tipping point, and players and operators will accept no less. So it’s vital to get started on developing your own provably fair systems now, before the industry leaves you behind.

If you don’t have a Bitcoin SV development expert on your team, you may want to reach out to the experts at the Bitcoin Association who can help your team learn, and provide the right resources to get you started.

You may also want to reach out to some of the Bitcoin SV Game Developers who have already implemented provably fair gaming into their products.