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The gaming industry and sport are two industries that are intrinsically linked meaning that a gaming conference and expo bringing the two together is something that isn’t a surprise.

Branding itself as “the only global sports betting conference and expo,” Betmarkets will this year be taking place in the picturesque surroundings of Vienna, Austria, from 8-9 June 2011.

Entering its fifth year as an industry event it will give anyone that attends the chance to gain a unique insight into how best to succeed in a part of the gambling industry that is continually experiencing new growth opportunities.

There are a number of other reasons to attend this conference in particular, including the chance to attract new customers while maintaining loyalty to current members, optimization of your social media and betting strategy, and maximizing profitability for live in-play betting.

In addition you will have the opportunity to discover key new legislation and regulation surrounding taxation, fraud and new technology, and finally you will be shown how to best utilize new distribution channels such as iTV and smart phone applications.

Organized by the renowned events organizer Clarion Gaming, it will see over 40 expert speakers giving presentations to attendees after which they will open the floor to questions from anyone that feels they might want to learn more on the presentation topic.

As well as presentations there will also be a number of round tables featuring industry experts and of course one of the main advantages of any conference or expo are the networking opportunities that they present. BetMarkets is no different and will have timetabled sessions during which you can swap business cards with anyone that’s attending.

With most attendees at directorial or managerial level, you will be rubbing shoulders with the best that this sector has to offer. Add to this the BetMarkets after-party that will give you the chance to have a drink for every card you pick up and the reasons to get over to Vienna this summer are plain to see.