Which poker bets are best in December?


There is a busy month ahead for almost all of us. Whether it’s stuffing the turkey, helping the homeless or just buying Christmas presents, it’s all go and there’s a lot to do.  


During the month of December, poker players are very busy, too.  There are a range of poker games going on that you can bet on via Poker Shares, and we’ve taken a look at the games on offer and the current prices.  

Polk vs. Negreanu  

There’s no doubt that this is the biggest game on the markets right now. With Negreanu dropping to a deficit of almost $600,000, Polk is a huge favourite right now at 1.04, with the Canadian available as a massive 13.50. For us, betting on the individual session is your best bet and probably going with Negreanu. It may be in the back of Polk’s head that he doesn’t want to scare off Negreanu by putting him a million down by 12,500 hands and allowing ‘DNegs’ to quit on his stool. It’s much better to give him hope and he does that by losing a few of the next sessions. With almost 6,000 hands in the can, how things stand after 10,000 hands will be crucial to the value on offer.  

GGPoker Super MILLION$  

There are a huge number of bets available on this weekly $10,300-entry two-day tournament. With alphabetical player odds on offer, you can pick your favourite or the win or dump on them by supposing they’ll use a second or third bullet. The latest GGPoker Super MILLION$ results might suggest plenty of evidence behind your betting, so keeping a keen eye out on the Calvin Ayre poker page for weekly reports is vital; stay clued up and you’ll know who’s the best to back.  

Galfond Challenge  

There are four ways to bet on Phil Galfond’s latest challenges, with the latest battle against Chance Kornuth priced up as having Kornuth as the slightest underdog as he has a slim lead, trimmed from being over a quarter of a million dollars down to just $82,500 last week by his gracious host. Elsewhere, you can get your futures market bets in sharpish on Galfond’s upcoming battles against Bill Perkins and Brandon Adams, along with Session #3 betting available on the Perkins challenge, with the multi-millionaire priced at 3.20 against Galfond, who is a confirmed favourite at 1.37. 

PokerStars High Roller Events  

Plenty of ‘Stars’ biggest tournaments have been priced up, such as the Thursday Thrill tomorrow, for example. The mark-up is different from player to player, of course, but you quite literally pay your money and take your chances to buy a piece of your online poker heroes – that’s how Poker Shares works.  

With PokerStars events also available for those wishing to buy pieces of Lex Veldhuis or Bryan Paris in the Sunday Million, as a suggestion, the markets available for betting on poker are growing and growing on Poker Shares and within poker sites themselves, such as backing players directly through GGPoker. As poker and betting become closer bedfellows, the industries of poker and sportsbetting are merging in a variety of different ways. In many facets, poker and sportsbetting sites have plenty in common and should naturally be part of the same organization, but never before has it been so easy to bet on the outcome as fans.