Business owners should turn to podcasts in 2021 to make money


A man doing podcast with mic and laptopThere are plenty of ways businesses can advertise and market their goods and services, but many of them become stale after a while. Everyone is now becoming more accustomed to visiting a website, particularly a news website, and being forced to watch videos (unless you’ve learned how to control the settings in your web browser). The videos could be news clips or even third-party advertising, but they’re prevalent now for two reasons – video captures attention and it sells. Heading into 2021, business leaders and entrepreneurs should embrace video to increase their reach, and this doesn’t mean spending a lot of money. One great way to spread brand awareness and generate greater sales is through podcasts, which can be produced for as little as free.

Podcasts make sense because of their practicality. Today, broadband is everywhere and faster broadband is increasingly prevalent at affordable prices. This means that the majority of the Netizens out there have super-fast connections and won’t have to wait for your podcast to buffer before they are able to enjoy it. This gives you the ability to show off your goods and services through video, instead of relying on just voice or static images. However, there’s even one more practical advantage. Podcasts, while mostly interactive video, easily allow you to extract the audio and present an audio presentation at no extra cost.

Anyone who has ever watched a sporting event has watched and listened to the commentators and announcers. These people are in their positions because they’re seen as the experts behind the game. This same premise applies to podcasts – when you launch a podcast, you are able to become the expert in your industry. The key, however, is to constantly provide new ideas, instead of simply talking about your products or services.

Podcasts are able to provide an emotional attachment with the consumer that can’t be found in simply browsing a webpage. They allow consumers to better interpret emotional commitment and connect on a “deeper” level with the brand and the products. This goes a long way to developing a trusting relationship that will definitely lead to better sales.

There is no need to attend broadcasting or journalism school to launch a podcast – anyone can do it from anywhere. There are a number of platforms that can be used and some are even free. It’s possible to create a podcast using Skype that can then be uploaded to YouTube, and there are also dedicated platforms such as PodBean and Streamyard, some of which allow you to record and store the podcast in one location.

Podcasts also allow the business to develop cross-industry connections. Plan a podcast, bring in a guest speaker – even if he or she is from a different industry – and let the banter do the rest. If you’re a sports gambling oddsmaker, invite an athlete or even a casino or industry representative to talk. Be sure to throw in a plug or two, discretely, to mention your products or services, but you don’t have to go overboard.