SportCaller steps into Eastern Europe with Superbet hookup

Eastern Europe

Superbet has a strong presence in Europe and is currently the leading sports gambling operator in Romania. That status is going to come in handy for SportCaller, a free-to-play sports game provider, which is teaming up with the company to get into the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) in Eastern Europe. The two entities have signed a deal that will allow SportCaller to gain a foothold in Central and Eastern Europe, leading to possibly even greater expansion in the region. 

Eastern EuropeSuperbet is often described as the “most influential multichannel sportsbook” in the region, making this a highly lucrative partnership for SportCaller. It will be just as beneficial to Superbet, though, as the company will be able to add a huge portfolio of games that SportCaller currently offers. It has more than 100 games that are now provided in 37 countries and in 20 languages (with the help of advanced translation software), serving Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, Latin America and North America. 

Superbet Managing Director (Online) Adam Shaw states, “We’re delighted to have secured SportCaller’s services in this new deal. And the early weeks of this relationship have only bolstered our confidence that the free-to-play vertical will elevate the fun for both new and regular customers, as sports betting continues to rebound from the sidelines.”

Getting involved in the gambling scene in Europe is tricky, as countries have varying regulations and laws that operators need to follow to get started and keep from getting hit with fines. While discussions are in the works to consolidate the individual efforts into one larger framework, this isn’t an easy process and certainly won’t happen overnight. Because Superbet is already embedded in the region, SportCaller will have an easier time of getting into the local jurisdictions and ensuring that it can comply with all the rulesets it will have to watch. 

Cillian Barry, SportCaller’s managing director, adds of the new partnership, “Going live with one of the most valuable operators in the region is a strong statement of intent from us – not just in Romania but also for CIS-facing territories as a whole. Local free-to-play games are still to take hold here in any engaging or sophisticated way, so we know we’ve found the perfect partner in Superbet with whom we can improve the end-user experience, ramping retention levels in the process. The early engagement levels with Superbet have been very encouraging, and we can’t wait to see how our games perform across some of these exciting emerging markets.”