Get paid to work remotely as countries offer various travel perks


Being able to travel and see the world is always an awesome experience. If you can get paid to do it, it gets even better. While it’s not always easy to pack up and head to a new country, the introduction of more remote employment opportunities could prove to be a huge plus. Several countries are taking advantage of the increase in remote employment and are given those looking for a change in scenery extra incentives to temporarily relocate, while still being able to maintain their work responsibilities.

get-paid-to-work-remotely-as-countries-offer-various-travel-perksOne of these countries is Barbados. Imagine working from a laptop while running your toes through the white sand on the Caribbean island nation’s beaches. The country is offering a “12-month Barbados Welcome Stamp,” which gives non-residents the opportunity to live there for up to a year. Given the extremely low number of coronavirus cases – only 105 in total and only seven currently active – this could be a dream come true for many people. 

Barbados Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley explained with the introduction of the program, “We recognize more people are working remotely, sometimes in very stressful conditions, with little option for vacation. Our new 12-month Barbados Welcome Stamp is a visa that allows you to relocate and work from one of the world’s most beloved tourism destinations.”

Greece is also taking the initiative to give traveling nomads the chance at hanging out in the Mediterranean a little economic break. Taxes on transportation, such as air, rail and buses, have been reduced from 24% to 13%, which can add up to be serious savings. Greece has been able to manage the outbreak of COVID-19 better than many countries, according to international health organizations, which will reduce the risk of contagion. However, U.S. travelers should be warned – they may need to wait, given the number of active cases in the U.S. 

Italy was one of the European countries that saw a huge number of coronavirus cases, although things are now under control. Sicily, Italy has been safer and could be a great destination. If Italy’s travel incentive packages are approved, there will be around $85 million allocated to tourism, which would be made available through free hotel stays, entry fee waivers for area attractions and the possibility to have as much as 50% of a tourist’s airfare covered by the government. Just like with Greece, though, U.S. travelers may have to wait a little longer before descending on the country.

Chile is also looking to make a difference in the world, but has taken a different approach. It is looking for entrepreneurs who want to make the country their base of operations through the Start Up Chile program. This endeavor offers technology startups the opportunity to relocate to the country, giving one-year work visas and funding for the programs. 

Remote work has proven to be more successful than many had anticipated, and is opening up a lot of doors for people that had been permanently shut as they were locked away in cubicles and offices. Now, however, the chance to get out and explore the world is a reality. It’s time to make the best of it.