Is your marriage stronger than Trump’s? The Divorce Bet calculator decides


How is your marriage doing? Are things going well? Not fighting on the weekends, and no strange texts coming in at all hours of the day? Have you ever wondered if you might have found the happiness you were looking for, or were people placing bets on how long you’d last as soon as your partner said “I do?”

If they were serious about those bets, the book makers at are ready to offer them competitive lines for their action. Using their Divorce Bet tool, any anxious individual can answer 30 questions and get odds for if they are in a solid relationship, or one call away from divorce court. And then for comparison, they’ll let you know how your doing compared to some famous celebrity couples.

The questions asked are both personal and timely. Does your partner more frequently say ‘I Love You,’ or ‘I Hate You?’ Have they gained any weight lately? Do you have children? What are the ways coronavirus has affected your life and relationship? Have you tried anything kinky in bed lately, or taken advantage of PornHub’s free Premium offers?

While they don’t tell you exactly how each answer affects your odds (and I’d really love to know if my preference for handcuffs in bed made a positive difference in my love life), they do provide a final break down of a percentage chance that you’ll need a divorce and betting lines.

Hunny, the book says we’re +150 to get divorced, so you can untie me from the bed now.

It also immediately asks if your marriage is stronger than the relationship of a notable celebrity couple, linking you to their Celebrity Divorce Odds. Some of these couples aren’t actually married, but they have a few tantalizing couples listed for breakup to keep it interesting.

Some of the more solid relationships you could be compared to are David and Victoria Beckham, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban and Jay-Z and Beyonce, each having +700 lines for a divorce before the end of 2020. The shakiest marriage on the list appears to be U.S. President Donald Trump’s, who’s only +110 for a divorce from Melania by the same date. Fellow Presidential candidate Kanye West fairs much better at +300 for a divorce from Kim Kardashian.

The rest of the Kardashian clan fairs much worse. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are -1000 to break up in the same timeframe, Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons are -1500 and Caitlyn Jenner and Sophia Hutchins are -2000.

The Divorce Bet tool is great for a bit of fun, or as a useful tool to bet on your extended family and friends. Check it out and see if you’re better off making a wager or saving up for a retainer.