Pinnacle re-launches in Sweden as fully licensed operator


Pinnacle has re-opened its Swedish site after a two-year absence in which it applied for a licence under the new regulatory regime.

The company received approval from the Swedish regulator in December 2019 but has waited for the right moment to launch. When Swedish football, the Allsvenskan, was given the green light to start this weekend, Pinnacle decided to open its doors once more with a full array of markets in time for the new season.

pinnacle-re-launches-in-sweden-as-fully-licensed-operator..Pinnacle will offer a wide-range of sports and eSports betting in Sweden, covering all major sports and including Allsvenskan Women. Pinnacle is already a market leader in eSports betting and with Sweden being one of the biggest eSports markets in the world, there is significant room for growth. Before leaving the market in 2018 Pinnacle saw consistent double-digit annual growth in eSports betting in Sweden.

Pinnacle will bring its well-known high-volume, low-margin model to Swedes betting online. With an average margin of just 3.7% compared to an industry average of 7.2%, Pinnacle offers some of the best value and fairest pricing available. The company operates a responsible, fair and transparent model for customers, which is evidenced by the fact that the business has been granted a licence to operate in Sweden, which has one of the most stringent regulatory regimes globally.

Paris Smith, CEO of Pinnacle, said: ”This re-launch is a proud moment as Sweden is a key market for us, with many loyal customers having used Pinnacle over many years. The Swedish regulator is one of the most respected in the world and we are proud to meet the incredibly high standards they require to be recognised as a licensed operator. We believe that satisfying the requirements in Sweden means we can do it anywhere.

”We left the market on good terms and are returning as a fully licensed, regulated operator. We fully embrace the Swedish regulations and wanted to do things in the right way. Having done so, we now see this as an opportunity to contribute to a serious gaming environment in Sweden long-term and to be a key part in the development of the market.”

Pinnacle believes the long-term economic impact of a well-regulated online betting regime in Sweden could be notable, with a significant increase in the volume of bets in the coming years.

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About Pinnacle

Pinnacle is a respected industry leader with over 20 years’ experience in online betting. In addition to an established reputation for offering great value and an unrivaled betting experience, the online bookmaker is also renowned for producing educational content to help empower bettors. An emphasis on continuously developing its risk management expertise has enabled Pinnacle to remain a central pillar of the online betting industry with a commitment to offering customers low margins, high limits and a unique winners welcome policy.