Could YOU fold jacks full with $194,000 on the line?


There have been some spectacular hands contested at Live at the Bike! over the years, with the Bicycle Casino cementing its status over recent months as one of the very best places to play cash games. From spectacular pots to great commentary, exciting players to last-minute drama, Live at the Bike! seems to have it all going on, especially in the aftermath of the Stones Gambling Hall Mike Postle scandal.

could-you-fold-jacks-full-with-194000-on-the-lineThis week, there was yet another example of how great it is to play at The Bike, as Garrett Adelstein made what can only be described as a fantastic fold.

The pot didn’t just take place at the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles, of course. It was broadcast online and attracted plenty of chat in the feed. The former Survivor cast member lived up to his former title on the world-famous TV show, as he somehow folded jacks full of queens in a pot against a player called Andy.

The game on this occasion was no limit hold’em, with the stakes $50/$100 with a $200 straddle, and Adelstein was in plenty rich company. The pot in question got all the way up to $194,000 and it was a huge call that Adelstein was faced with on the river.

The action had been raised pre-flop. Adelstein made it $600 with pocket jacks, only for Andy to 30bet to $2,400. Adelstein 4-bet to $9,600 and Andy made the call…. with pocket kings.

The flop of three-king-jack gave both men a set, and the action was ramped up again. Adelstein bet $7,000 and just got a call. The comparatively small c-bet and call were both trapping, but only Andy was ahead.

On the turn of a queen, Adelstein made it $14,000 more and again was called. On the river, however, another queen gave both men a full house. Adelstein made it $30,000 more, but Andy moved all-in for $65,950. Could Adelstein make the fold? Well, it wasn’t quick.

Adelstein needed time to think, and he used it, throwing in all of his three timebank chips.

It’s at this point that commentators and other players alike were starting to bristle. They knew the history between the two players. There was plenty of it, and lots of it came while playing at the same table in the past. Just a few months ago, Adelstein managed to fold the second nuts against the nuts in a pot against the same player, and faced with the same position in real terms on this river, Adelstein ummed and ahhhed, but eventually made the right lay-down.

Watch for yourself and decide just what kind of incredible Survivor Garrett Adelstein really is: