Miomni prepares for legal battle against Delaware North

Miomni prepares for legal battle against Delaware North
Miomni prepares for legal battle against Delaware North

Just in time for the Super Bowl, Delaware North, owner of Wheeling Island Casino and Mardi Gras Casino, partnered with International Game Technology (IGT) as their new sports book provider. Not to be forgotten though is their previous provider, Miomni Games, who are still fighting to prove their contract with the casino operator was ended unfairly.

CalvinAyre.com has learned Miomni won a January 27 decision against EnterG Software Solutions in the U.K. High Court of Justice. EnterG did not show up to defend themselves in court, and Miomni won the right to not only seek a summary judgement, but admission from the court that their license agreement is still in effect.

This means a great deal to Miomni’s relationship with Delaware North. The software provided by Miomni to the casino operator started to experience issues in March 2019, allegedly caused by EnterG by using a backdoor to shut down operations. Delaware North used this as cause to end their partnership with Miomni and go to court.

As has been relayed to CalvinAyre, this new ruling helps prove Delaware North had insufficient cause to end the contract. Miomni was attempting to end the backdoor access and provide full service to Delaware North, and their contract had no provision that would allow the casino operator to end it on such short notice.

Miomni isn’t happy that Delaware North are trying to move on so quickly. The casino operator’s suit against the sports book provider is expected to go ahead in the next few weeks, and Miomni is preparing to have it decided quickly in their favor.

After that, they plan to contest the new partnership Delaware North has entered into, with injunctions and investigations planned. They have added confidence that they will do well in this battle as they are not just partners but shareholders of an exclusive contract to provide sports betting.

While Delaware North have skated by on their U.S. jurisdiction so far and tried to move on from the ordeal, Miomni hasn’t lost a court case yet. If all the facts that can be brought to court back up their story, that they simply want to provide a great sports betting product to West Virginia casinos, then Delaware North may be in for a difficult year.