Harmen Brenninkmeijer joins Quanta as CEO


For those who attend many of the gambling conferences around the world, you’ve no doubt seen Harmen Brenninkmeijer of Dynamic Partners deliver a talk or host a panel, and possibly spent some time with him chatting about the industry. His commanding presence and knowledge of the industry are undeniable, and that’s part of why Quanta has named him as their new Chief Executive Officer.harmen-brenninkmeijer-joins-quanta-as-ceo

Quanta, a blockchain gaming solutions company, brought in Brenninkmeijer to help conduct a strategic review. They were so pleased with his guidance that they decided to offer him the CEO job at the conclusion of it, hoping he could guide them to a successful evolution of the business.

“Harmen is the ideal person to lead Quanta,” Quanta stated in their release. “He has significant experience in gaming as an operator and as a supplier and has a unique understanding of the challenges of all parts of the gaming business. He has worked in many countries and his network will help Quanta to expand its reach and establish new customers and partnerships in high growth markets.”

His stated mission will be to help focus on the stabilization of the company, creating a new vision, implementation of best practice across business development, product development, operations and management.

Brenninkmeijer is excited to be starting a role involved with emerging technologies in the blockchain space. “You can see from my track record that I have always had a great interest in emerging technologies in the gaming space,” he said in the release. “My feeling is that Quanta is the leading proponent in the development, operation and support of regulated gaming solutions that utilise blockchain. Our vision is to be the leader in this new space and to develop solutions that are low cost and so suit both highly competitive as well as emerging markets; are tech and currency agnostic to provide as broad coverage as possible; are decentralised where feasible to deliver transparency to the user and the regulator; and that are flexible enough to enable the discovery of new business models. I am hugely positive and excited about Quanta’s future.”

The experience and knowledge Brenninkmeijer brings to Quanta could give it a serious advantage in applying blockchain technology to improve many sectors of the gaming industry. He has a deep history of the regulatory space, an area that blockchain has been touted as a potential savior, and his past experience in both land based and online gaming could help build many bridges for Quanta to cross.