Will Luke Schwartz be Phil Galfond’s final challenge?


will-luke-schwartz-be-phil-galfonds-final-challengePoker is a challenge to most of us, and at whatever level we play, but to some of the elite in poker, the game is a way of measuring just how great they are. We’ve already told you about most of Phil Galfond’s forthcoming challenges that he’ll be streaming on Run It Once Poker, but the final challenge for him may well be the most entertaining.

After literally no provocation at all, Luke Schwartz has challenged Phil Galfond to a game of poker…for chunks.

Galfond’s response was predictably gleeful. If he had good marketing before this Luke Schwartz volley, then after it, he had something approaching a viral social media campaign, such is the appeal of the raw, heart-on-sleeve British WSOP bracelet winner.

With Galfond accepting Luke Schwartz’s bid for online, ‘Full Flush’ himself couldn’t wait to rubber-stamp his intentions to see the deal through.

With the poker world now looking forward to a clash between two players who could hardly be more opposite if they tried, Farah Galfond had her own question, albeit a highly tongue-in-cheek one.

Fans are desperate to watch the action, with just some of the comments being: “Please make this happen.” and “hahaha, this would be top end!!!” as well as ‘If this happens, please, please, please stream it!”

Fans seem determined to watch and who can blame them? After Luke Schwartz’s WSOP win, the whole world couldn’t wait to come out and applaud Schwartz for his style and achievement. Schwartz, who for years fell short, captured gold in Las Vegas back in the summer for his career-defining moment in the glare of the photographer’s bulb.

In your eye, every other player on the planet, or if you’re a poker fan of a certain vintage, just David Benyamine, all over again for old times sake.

Luke Schwartz would be box office no matter who he was taking on, but as chalk and cheese match-ups go, this one could be epic. Galfond is the man behind Run It Once and the face of GTO poker made mainstream. By comparison, Luke Schwartz just broadcast a tactic for eating Cheetos without getting orange dust all over his fingers:

If the match can be set up, and a reliable streamer established for the game, then the King Pigeon and the acceptable face of poker will have a full market of betting opportunities set up on Poker Shares, Mike McDonald has already confirmed.

Flap, Flap indeed.