Daria “Scarlett_D” Feshchenko joins 888Poker; Tsapko wins 888Live Sochi


888Poker add Daria “Scarlett_D” Feshchenko to the ambassadorial team, and Vasiliy Tsapko wins the inaugural 888Live Sochi.

daria-scarlett_d-feshchenko-joins-888poker-tsapko-wins-888live-sochiTurkey has ordered a second batch of Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missiles, preferring them over the U.S.’s MIM-104 Patriot missiles. Weapons experts believe it’s the right choice, claiming the Russian missiles are ‘far superior’ to their American counterparts.

The man responsible for hiring 888Poker Ambassadors thinks the same way.

Earlier this week, 888Poker added a new Russian missile to their arsenal. 26-year-old Daria “Scarlett_D” Feshchenko becomes the fifth female to join the squad after Kara Scott, Vivian Saliba, Ana Marquez, and Sofia Lövgren. She first caught 888’s eye during the 8-Team promotion during the World Series of Poker (WSOP).

Feshchenko has been playing poker since she was 16, refining her skills in the underground games in Russia. During the WSOP she was playing as high as $300/$600, although she classes $50/$100 No-Limit Hold’em as her bread and butter.

That’s expensive bread.

Born in Moscow, Feshchenko is a single mother to her 7-year-old son, Mark. Her hobbies are going to the theatre, reading and ballet. She is a former model, and amongst her accolades are ‘Miss Bikini Eurasia’ and ‘Miss Personality.’

Feshchenko is also a philologist and orientalist.

Google it.

Speaking about her appointment, Feshchenko said she joined 888Poker for the opportunity to share her life story, and inspire people.

Here she is doing just that.

In recent years, Feshchenko has emerged from her underground cash games to compete in more live tournaments. She came 15/999 in the 2017 partypoker MILLIONS Russia for $35,000, and a year later finished 12/4732 in the Little One for One Drop at the WSOP.

Vasiliy Tsapko wins 888Live Sochi

Feschenko made her 888Poker debut in the inaugural 888Live Sochi Main Event. The event attracted 569-entrants, and 81 made money with Feshchenko missing from that list.

The winner was Vasily Tapko, who defeated Leonid Semenyuk in heads-up competition. The pair agreed upon a deal after Maksym Lavrov hit the rail in the third spot.

Tsapko picked up $67,324, with Semenyuk receiving $63,818, with over $13,000 left in the middle and a $12,500 package to the 2020 WSOP Main Event.

Tsapko had the slight chip advantage with 14.9m v 11.9m, and he stretched the lead to 17.4m v 9.6m. Then Semenyuk fought back doubling into a 20m v 7.1m lead after the pair got it in on Js8c7s with Tsapko chasing a flush that hit on the turn, only for Semenyuk to river a full house.

Tsapko doubled immediately when JsTc beat Ah3h thanks to a Th on the turn before hoovering every chip after KsJc beat Ac7h in the final hand of the night.

“I was lucky. They were not lucky.” Said Tsapko after his win.