Hamish Crawshaw wins The Star Sydney Championships Main Event


Hamish Crawshaw eliminates the final four-players to win the AUD 3,000 Star Sydney Championships Main Event, banking a career-high $244,348 in the process.

hamish-crawshaw-wins-the-star-sydney-championships-main-eventInside the bog-standard hairdryer, you’ll find a heating element made from nichrome wire. The wire acts as a resistor, creating heat energy from the electric power flying in from the plug socket coupled with the air that circulates from the room, and hey presto, a heater.

And talking about heaters…

Hamish Crawshaw is in the middle of one that would melt a hundred turtle shells. The New Zealand native started the year with a career-high 7/822 finish in the Aussie Millions – a record attendance for the biggest tournament in the southern hemisphere, and in the past few days, he’s eclipsed that achievement.

Crawshaw began as one of the 600-entrants in the record-breaking AUD 3,0000 buy-in Main Event at The Star Sydney Championships and ended it as one of only seven who has ever won it as this price point.

He’s in dependable company.

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner, Martin Kozlov, won the event in 2014. Kahle Burns is currently ripping it up at the Triton Poker Super High Roller Series in London, and he won the event in 2016.

Here is the roll of honour since 2013.

2019 – 600 Players. Hamish Crawshaw A$352,800
2018 – 522 Players. Nebojsa Blanusa A$314,265
2017 – 496 Players. Henry Tran A$300,000
2016 – 428 Players. Kahle Burns A$297,203
2015 – 281 Players. Ben Jee A$200,634
2014 – 235 Players. Martin Kozlov A$171,080
2013 – 227 Players. Daniel Laidlaw A$165,000

Crawshaw destroyed the final table, eliminating the final four players, including Mark Lassau, in a heads-up encounter that lasted a little over an hour.

The final hand saw Lassau get it with pocket kings on a jack-high flop with Crawshaw holding KJ for top pair, and a flush draw, which he hit on the turn to win the tournament.

Final table results

1. Hamish Crawshaw – $244,348
2. Mark Lassau – $151,135
3. Joe Antar – $110,515
4. Tu Le – $82,008
5. Peter Robertson – $61,703
6. Wenjian “William” Qiu – $47,066
7. Bernie Stang – $36,396
8. Corey Kempson – $28,531
9. Nickolas Oiberman – $22,666

Two other victories of note in the Star Sydney Championships included Jason Gray conquering a field of 129-entrants to win the AUD 5,000 5k Challenge or AUD 171,572 (USD 119,473), two years after winning the same event (he beat 142-entrants to win the AUD 188,866 (USD 149,903) first prize). Sean Ragozzini defeated a field of 37-entrants to win the AUD 20,000 High Roller for AUD 223,361 (USD 153,826).