Becky’s Affiliated: Top 5 reasons why iGaming professionals should attend CoinGeek Toronoto

Becky’s Affiliated: Top 5 reasons why iGaming professionals should attend CoinGeek Toronoto

Becky’s Affiliated: Top 5 reasons why iGaming professionals should attend CoinGeek ToronotoComing up in three weeks, we have the first CoinGeek conference to take place in North America, Toronto, Canada, to be exact. The last time the online gambling industry was treated to an event in Toronto was our beloved GiGse roughly 20 years ago, your next opportunity is on May 30th with CoinGeek.

I’ve never been to Toronto and visiting a new city is exciting for me, plus I know there are a number of iGaming professionals based in area, so I’m looking forward to seeing a few faces from the past.

On top of this, there are a number of other reasons why I am excited for CoinGeek Toronto and even more reasons why iGaming professionals should consider attending—here are my top five for you.

1) Bitcoin SV (BSV) is the only blockchain that can do it all

If I could give you one takeaway from this post, here it is on a platter—BSV is the only blockchain that can do it all. We hear and read so much about blockchain and crypto and all the coins out there, but the reality is no other blockchain in existence can scale like BSV nor will they likely ever. Combine this with a stable protocol, security and utility and you’ve got it all.

Here are a few practical examples of how the iGaming industry can benefit from BSV:

-Enabling fast and secure deposits and payouts for customers and affiliates
-Writing customer data into the public blockchain to eliminate any risk of being voided, altered or hacked
-Treating VIP customers or affiliates to awards using a brand-specific token
-Provably fair games

In general, using blockchain can make the ecosystem more secure, safe and transparent for the entire iGaming industry, a much-needed benefit seeing as our industry’s reputation has always been an uphill battle.

2) Top BSV speakers from around the world

In order to educate delegates on all of the above plus much more, CoinGeek have secured a roster of the top BSV expert speakers from around the world, all supporting the unlimited potential of the BSV blockchain and how its ability to scale will improve transactions, data storage, smart contracts, security and what the future holds for the technology.

Delegates can expect to hear from Adam Kling and David Case of Kronoverse, the eSports game development company behind CryptoFights, Boris Javier Barrera Garcia of the Colombian BSV payment service, Lin Zheming of Mempool, a Bitcoin mining pool in China, Ryan X. Charles of MoneyButton, Jack Liu of FloatSV exchange and RelayX wallet, Dr. Craig Wright and plenty more.

3) Special closing interview with Dr. Craig Wright

The man who invented it all, Dr. Craig S Wright, is of course the star of the show and CoinGeek Toronto is where you will be able to meet him in person. As a special treat for delegates, the closing session of the conference will feature a one-of-a-kind conversation with Dr. Wright on the beginnings of Bitcoin, which is sure to include several surprises.

Jimmy Nguyen, Founding President of the Bitcoin Association, will be leading the discussion with Dr. Wright and seeing as the two of them have a close relationship and unique bond, I suggest you bring your Kleenex for this.

4) Jimmy Nguyen, best emcee in the business

Speaking of Nguyen, as someone who has attended hundreds and hundreds of conferences in their lifetime, I can promise you that Jimmy Nguyen is the best emcee in the business and he makes listening in a conference room all day an absolute joy.

Over the course of CoinGeek’s two-day event (May 29th is a “by application-only” Developers Day), Nguyen will be on stage and on fire, guiding us through content, interviews and networking, ensuring that everyone has a wonderful experience and takes home exactly what they came for.

5) Calvin’s Birthday Party

Doubling as the official CoinGeek Toronto closing party and Calvin’s 58th birthday party, on the eve of May 30th all delegates will be treated to a proper Calvin Ayre bash.

We’ve experienced several mind-blowing CoinGeek branded parties over the last year, including the CoinGeek Hong Kong closing party, Calvin’s Yacht Party, the Bitcoin Rebirth Party and the CoinGeek Week Conference closing party, all well-received and amazing.

Rumor has it Toronto’s party is going to be the best one yet and without giving away too many secrets, I can tell you Calvin will bring a taste of the Caribbean to Canada, including local entertainment, cuisine, dancing, perhaps a few little people and all of this in true island style, of course!