partypoker confirm freezeout only MILLIONS ME; Schneider wins Grand Prix

partypoker confirm freezeout only MILLIONS ME; Schneider wins Grand Prix

Two barrels from the land of partypoker including confirmation that the MILLIONS Main Events revert to the Freezeout format, and a victory in Rozvadov for Denis Schneider.

partypoker confirm freezeout only MILLIONS ME; Schneider wins Grand PrixI feel chilled to the bone, an odd sensation considering I am in California. I have to go outside to keep warm. The people back home would think I am a key short of a keyhole if I told them, but I guess I just have.

I have one more to do; then I don’t know what to do. I have a fed up wife sitting in the front room wondering when I am going to stop tip-tapping, wash my hands {must use soap} and play with my daughter.

So here it goes.

My last piece of ‘work’ for the day before I fall away into the shadows like a pimp without any doctors or nurses.

partypoker has put out the official word that Season 3 of the MILLIONS live tour will return to the Freezeout format for their Main Events. We got the scoop during an interview with partypoker LIVE President, John Duthie, and now it’s in print.

There will be four live events:

MILLIONS South America – Copacabana Palace Hotel, Rio de Janeiro, 15-24 March, $10,300 buy-in and $5m Guaranteed.

MILLIONS North America – Playground Poker Club, Montreal, 22-27 May, CAD 10,300 buy-in and CAD 5m Guaranteed.

MILLIONS Europe – King’s Casino, Rozvadov, 10-18 August, €10,300 buy-in and €5m Guaranteed.

MILLIONS World – Baha Mar Resort, Bahamas, 15-24 November, $10,300 buy-in and $10m Guaranteed.

All of them have a $10k buy-in with a $5m Guarantee (except the $10m GTD MILLIONS World), and local currencies apply. There won’t be multiple Day 1’s and the team are cutting chunks from late registration.

There will be a $10,300 buy-in MILLIONS Online, but for the time being, the date and the guarantee are as secretive as dirty magazines. It will be interesting to see where Tom Waters and the gang take this one after setting a new record in 2018 after 4,367-entrants created a $21,835,000 prize pool.

Here is Duthie on schedule length for the MILLIONS live events.

“The schedules will be reduced to a maximum of seven days, giving the host venues the option to add their own events around the tournament to build the festival.”

The only other change concerns the trophy with partypoker taking the World Poker Tour (WPT) route of having one cup inscribed with the name of each Main Event winner.

“We want the MILLIONS brand to be synonymous with being one of the most prestigious live competitions in the world.” Said Duthie. “We hope these changes will allow us to improve and build our MILLIONS tour to make it the best LIVE experience for our players.”

partypoker is expecting to send 200+ live and online qualifiers to the first event of 2019 in Rio.

Denis Schneider Wins The Grand Prix Gala in Rozvadov

partypoker don’t just operate at the high end of operations; the medium stakes Grand Prix brand is still alive and well.

The most recent event, a €550 buy-in, €500,000 Guaranteed, Grand Prix Gala at the King’s Casino in Rozvadov, went the way of the German player Denis Schneider.

The event, which began online, ended with Schneider capturing the €75,243 first prize after agreeing upon a four-handed deal in King’s Casino. It’s a sum of money that amounted to more than the total of every single one of his previous ITM finishes. It was also his first-ever live tournament win. Schneider’s previous best score came in 2013 when he earned €21,128 for finishing 3/375 in a €550 No-Limit Hold’em event at the same venue.

Final Table Results

1. Denis Schneider – €75,243*
2. Hans Hein – €55,054*
3. Unknown – €53,953*
4. Tonio Roeder – €47,000*
5. Alireza Panahandeh – €20,000
6. Yfiem Spivack – €14,000
7. Tsiimigkas Vasileios – €9,500
8. Daniel Rejc – €7,000
*Indicates a four-way deal

The WPT Champions Club member, Yorane Kerignard, finished 19th.