Becky’s Affiliated: How to stay on top of CoinGeek Week, SiGMA & SportsbettingUSA

Becky’s Affiliated: How to stay on top of CoinGeek Week, SiGMA & SportsbettingUSA

When it rains it pours! This week we have three events taking place in three different locations, all of interest to the online gambling industry and beyond. Its obviously impossible for any one person to attend all three, but thankfully, there are resources such as our lovely selves at Ayre Media who will be summarizing the content for you.

Becky’s Affiliated: How to stay on top of CoinGeek Week, SiGMA & SportsbettingUSAWithout a doubt, the iGaming industry is in a period of change and while there are definitely some growing pains, its an incredibly exciting time right now. The crypto world is shifting dramatically, separating the “get rich quick” schemes from the those who are truly interested in changing the world, the regulated sports betting market is finally kicking off in America and Malta is leaping off the map as the number one spot for online gambling and blockchain businesses.

Week of November 26th Conference #1- CoinGeek Week Conference

I know what you’re thinking! Stop worrying about the price of crypto currencies right now and instead focus on the legitimacy of the technology behind them – what’s important is the long term vision, the blockchain’s ablity to scale, stay secure and stable and enable safe, instant transactions.

Crypto is not dead, not even close. We have just been through the bubble phase of blockchain (think dot-bomb) and now its time for the industry leaders to emerge and spread their innovations. The point was never to make a million overnight by trading crypto, so the crypto world is actually making progress as opposed to regressing- its “growing up”, as nChain CEO Jimmy Nguyen has been known to say.

For CoinGeek and BitcoinSV, the end game has always been to make sure there is a version of the original Bitcoin, in line with Satoshi’s vision, with its mature economic model intact. The CoinGeek Week Conference is perfectly positioned to address the new roadmap of the original Bitcoin (BSV) and the future of the technology. Recaps, full presentations, interviews and other insights gained from the CoinGeek Week Conference are and will continue to be available at, so stay tuned to keep informed on the future of Bitcoin.

Week of November 26th Conference #2- SiGMA

Also taking place this week is the fifth edition of SiGMA, an event that has grown so much in size since its inception, that the organizers had to build a larger space and add an extra day to the agenda!

Malta has established itself as THE online gambling hub in Europe and continues to develop their position in this space. Plenty of professionals from Sweden, the UK and other parts of the EU happily relocated to the island and reside there with no end in sight, embracing the sea, warm weather and tight-knit community.

Earlier this month the inaugural Malta Blockchain Summit was a success, attracting thousands of people to the island to check out local opportunities and learn more about the blockchain industry in general.

All in all, Malta is kicking off in terms of a location for iGaming and blockchain companies and also serves as a meeting point each November for both industries, thanks to team SiGMA. is covering SiGMA for the fifth year in a row and you can find our SiGMA day 1 recap online and stay tuned for day 2 and 3 recaps along with exclusive interviews from the floor.

Week of November 26th Conference #3- Sportsbetting USA

The repeal of PASPA injected excitement into the regulated US sports betting market and as I discussed with Benjie Cherniak a few weeks ago, there are three US-facing gaming events coming up within the next six months, two with a specific focus on sports betting.

First up was the Sports Betting USA Conference on November 27 and 28, an event organized by Clarion that was in such high demand a waiting list was needed and Clarion decided to stream the entire event online.

Unfortunately did not have the resources to send a crew to cover this event, but Clarion’s live streaming package is available for at least one more month, so I do encourage you to explore the options available online if you were unable to attend in person.