Learn from the best at the upcoming Lisbon Affiliate Conference

Learn from the best at the October 17-20 Lisbon Affiliate Conference

iGB Affiliate’s Lisbon Affiliate Conference will be held on October 17-20 at the Feira Internacional de Lisboa in Lisbon, Portugal. Although it officially begins on October 17, the real meat of discussions is found from the second day on.

Learn from the best at the October 17-20 Lisbon Affiliate ConferenceSpeaker Tiago Almeida, CEO of Egamingservices, will be giving an overview of the Portuguese affiliate market, which will include players in the industry, regulations, and projections for the mobile first and online markets.

Next, Sara Global Ventures Regional Director Adrian Niculescu will present a ‘Next Gen Social Media Class,’ which aims to show how affiliates could increase customer engagement and build a brand “at the lowest cost.” Niculescu will be looking at strategies “to effectively promote your benefits and speak to your customers in their own language.”

Speakers Dagmar Janssen, Head of Search at Global Gaming Group, and Rickard Vikstrom, founder of Internet Vikings, will focus on present trends in the ever-changing landscape of search engine optimization (SEO). They’ll be guiding you in “assessing areas for investment to yield the greatest return,” presenting notable real-world examples.

For the talk on selling an affiliate business, 8020Research.com founder Tiz Gambacorta will be showing how to best value your business, the best venues for advertising, and how to get the best selling price.

Niculescu, along with Review It Ltd CEO Alan Phillips, Get Digital COO Paulo Faustino, Daddy Marketing Resources CEO Prash Patel, Expozive President Nicc Lewis, and Catena Media Head of Marketing Varun Mathure, will be discussing content strategies “with real bottom line measurable results.”

Speaker Lazar Keshinov, director of Balkan Media Group, will look at marketing on Facebook, at the same time that Ryan Hamada of Ryan Hamada Consulting will talk about “email strategies that engage gamers and increase conversions.”

Irish Wonder SEO Consultant Julia Logan will talk about negative SEO, and what to do to best detect it and protect your website.

ConversionBet CEO Dan Morrison will be showing how to increase conversion rates in a time when “over 80% of traffic that hits gaming sites leave without registering.”

Patel, along with Sidan Media CEO Simon Rosen and FXPRIMUS CMO Vince De Castro will talk about making customers “your advocates and micro-influencers.”

Fili Wiese, SearchBrothers.com SEO Expert, promises a “no-hype session” that provides “highly actionable SEO tips.”

The last discussion of the day will have XLMedia M&A Head David Levy, Better Collective M&A Head Michael Kopec, and Net Gaming Europe AB CEO Marcus Teilman speaking on mergers and acquisitions, looking at the current industry and using case studies of high-profile deals.

In addition to all this, are networking sessions before, during and after. Browse the schedule to choose which talks to attend, and then register at the iGB Affiliate website.