Becky’s Affiliated: Oron Barber on Bitcoin Cash and moving the industry forward

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Its no secret I’ve got crypto on my mind, especially considering the London Bitcoin Cash Conference 2018 took place this week, the highly anticipated CoinGeek Conference is next month and the price of Bitcoin Cash is on rise. I say we’re in the midst of a perfect storm for the mass adoption of BCH (and the blockchain technology behind it) and I’m ready for the ride.

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Like me, Oron Barber is a professional whose roots come from the online gambling industry, but these days his interests have expanded along with the focus of his crypto-focused marketing agency, CoinPoint.

“We started with gaming combined with the crypto world back in 2012 because it was the perfect solution – one to the other- and because of my background from the gambling industry.  Somewhere in the middle of 2016 we realized that there is more to introduce, more to educate, more to work with”, Barber shared.

“We tried to make the shift both in the business and with our interest to the application, to the solution that blockchain and this ecosystem provides which is outside the gambling world, of course”, he added.

Along with expanding their focus, the team behind CoinPoint are now hiring with the goal of bringing Bitcoin Cash and other crypto currencies mainstream.

CoinPoint as a company and Barber as an individual are Bitcoin Cash adopters and believe in the currency, for direct applications to the iGaming industry and far beyond. In fact, Barber and team hosted a Bitcoin Cash party during ICE Totally Gaming, an event bringing together iGaming professionals and bright minds behind Bitcoin Cash development.

In addition to their legacy iGaming clients, Barber confirmed that CoinPoint receives a number of queries and brings on clients from some of the major “old-fashioned” industries.

“I’m talking about textile and automobile, international shipping, real estate agents and so on, all are trying to implement somehow the blockchain technology to their businesses”, he shared.

“We recently worked with a very promising cosmetic brand in the US, we have a few clients that are dealing with international shipping and are trying to find a way to adopt this technology” he added.

While the crypto industry is enjoying exponential growth at present, there is a great deal of misinformation out there online, for example, social media censorship, false accounts, fake news, etc.  For professionals that are new to crypto, learning how to sift through the spam and focus on the facts is of upmost importance.

“I learned in my life to take something that is written and published doesn’t mean its true. It just means that somebody wrote it and somebody published it. I think that our ability as human beings to doubt things and to reconsider everything that we see is not only in business, its in our life”, Barber explained.

“Its important because so much misinformation is around and so many interests are running inside the industry, specifically in the ‘green days’ like we call it when the price is going up. We just need to make sure that we know which kind of information we consume”, he advised.

There is no denying there are several camps out there when it comes to what “coin” and blockchain is the best. Barber may be in the Bitcoin Cash camp, yet he understands movement in the price and adoption of other coins helps push the industry forward as a whole.

“There are so many coins and so many new coins are coming and developed every day, some of them are just in terms of raising funds to promote ICOs and some are really solving a problem within a specific market or within a specific industry”, Barber said.

“I think that since the coins’ rise recently in December of this year, the whole industry is moving forward. Even if you support specific coins or if you adopt a specific coin it also contributes to the whole ecosystem. Only by adopting a specific coin, a specific technology using the blockchain, you will contribute for the whole general effort”, be added.

When asked why working for CoinPoint provides an exciting opportunity for hungry crypto professionals, Barber signed off with, “We believe in crypto solutions in the present – we don’t think in the future anymore, we think in the present. Its happening now, and here and today. Maybe its time for people to realize its not going to vanish, its not a bubble”.


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