FirstBlood releases Alpha to presale participants, joins the ESIC. Will join a panel at the Ethereal Summit

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FirstBlood Alpha
Last month FirstBlood announced the alpha version of their platform and opened it for trial and testing by their presale participants. The barebones alpha version of FirstBlood’s product has
now undergone rigorous testing, with a variety of bugs and edge cases being fixed/improved.

As the team continues development toward the beta version of the product, the focus will be on usability, with the aim of having a flawless user experience when real money is introduced and
system decentralisation is expanded.

FirstBlood Releases Alpha to Presale Participants, Joins the ESIC. Will join a panel at the Ethereal Summit.The current dev sprint will implement the social and team aspects of the system, finally enabling 5v5 play modes.

Presale participants can claim their invite at

FirstBlood has partnered with the Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC) with the goal of helping to create shared standards for esports competitions and the sharing of information between ESIC
members. This open sharing of information will allow FirstBlood to maintain mutual understanding and cooperation between game publishers, hardware developers, and regulators
as we develop our platform. Likewise, these standards will discourage and prevent toxic players from interacting with our platform by mandating clearly defined punishments for offenders and
restricting access to repeat offenders.

ESIC will benefit from partnering with FirstBlood by observing the advantages of an Ethereum dapp that logs trusted data on an incorruptible blockchain. Pertinent information like match
results, financial transactions, and social interactions can be use to identify toxic behavior without compromising an individual’s personal information. These improvements are made
possible using our Witness Node System and Jury Voting Portal (JVP). ESIC has recognised that this technology has a massive potential to strengthen esports integrity because of its
decentralized, automated, and highly scalable design.

Ethereal Summit
Continuing their effort to maintain a presence at, and contribute to, the ethereum ecosystem, FirstBlood’s Marco Cuesta (Head of Business Development) will be taking part in a panel
discussion at the Ethereal Summit in NYC on May 19th.

Along with David Gzesh and Christopher Gonsalves they will take part in a discussion about the future of esports, how they might influence tech adoption, and where blockchain tech fits into
the equation.
Explore how decentralizing technologies, tokens, and novel business models are bringing about revolutions in user experience, safety, and fun.

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