Profit Accumulator founder Sam Stoffel on the value of matched betting

Profit Accumulator founder Sam Stoffel on the value of matched betting

Lee Davy sits down with Sam Stoffel, the founder of the matched betting service, Profit Accumulator, to ask him a series of questions about his company and the service they provide.

Profit Accumulator founder Sam Stoffel on the value of matched bettingSimple Tax-Free Money?

Fancy some?

It sounds too good to be true, right?

Let me introduce you to Sam Stoffel. Sam is the founder of Profit Accumulator a service that takes the hassle out of matched betting saving you time and providing you with that Holy Grail we spoke of earlier.

I reached out to him to ask him a few questions about ‘matched betting‘ and his new company, and this is what he had to say.

Can you give us a little taste of your background?

“I began matched betting while I was studying Cinema and Photography at the University of Leeds, and I was making a decent amount from it. I couldn’t believe more people weren’t doing it. I realised that, if you could simplify the process and educate people about it, it would be very appealing. That’s how Profit Accumulator was born, and the company was founded in 2014.”

Why are you doing this?

“The main goal is to let people know matched betting is a legitimate way to bring in a sustained income on your own terms, from home. We aim to provide a service that makes this achievable for as many people as possible.”

Why is now the time to do this?

“Well, we’ve been doing this for a while now, and we’ve gone from strength to strength. Competition between bookmakers is fierce. There are new brands popping up all the time, and they’re all fighting for a slice of the action with promotions and offers – which is great news for matched bettors.”

What problem are you solving?

“Our business is fundamentally a problem-solving one. The big obstacles facing matched bettors is finding offers and finding good matches – that is back and lay odds that are close. Our service solves this problem with industry-leading software, dedicated staff with excellent knowledge of the sector and world-class customer support.”

Who is it for?

“Everyone. Anyone who wants to earn an extra income and has some time to dedicate to it can earn a profit from matched betting. We are popular with students and full-time parents, but we have about 20,000 members, and the demographic is diverse.”

Why will they care?

“Hopefully, they see our service as great value because it empowers them to earn extra income to do the things they want. Some might just make a couple of hundred extra a month, and that can mean a world of difference to some people and their families. Others make thousands and spend the money on holidays, houses or savings.”

What do the people you want to serve want?

“Most of our members want to be able to earn money on their terms, working when it suits them and being able to do so from the comfort of their own homes. Many members have no interest in traditional gambling or sports.”

What do they believe?

Profit Accumulator founder Sam Stoffel on the value of matched betting“Hopefully they believe in what they and we are doing. There is a great sense of community in matched betting, and our forum has thousands of active members. They support each other with advice and tips and celebrate each other’s successes.”

What will they say to their friends when they use your product?

“One of the key drivers of our growth has been the evangelical nature of matched betting – word of mouth has been great for us. Someone might try our service for a month or two, realise it actually works, and then they will think the same as I did – “I can’t believe everyone doesn’t do it.” Obviously, that’s great for us.”

How can you add more value?

“We are continually looking to improve our service. One of the main ways we have done that is upgrading the tools available to our members. We have recently added a profit tracker that allows members to keep a record of where their money is, and our odds matching software is continually being improved.”

What happens because your company exists?

“We are leading the way when it comes to matched betting services and, over the past few years, an entire industry has been established, with Profit Accumulator playing a key role in that. We hope our success has helped put matched betting on the map.”

How will people find you?

“We have a website and a big presence on Facebook and Twitter. We also have a really strong community of affiliates, who have been key to spreading the word and helping us grow.”

What are your greatest strengths?

“I think our innovative nature, agility and dedication are our main assets. The world of matched betting is pretty dynamic, and we’ve done our utmost to stay at the forefront of it. We have an excellent staff who are passionate about what they do, and they are vital to keeping our service ahead of the rest.”

What weakness is going to get in your way if you don’t address it?

“Our success has inspired other companies to follow suit, and there is genuine competition out there for us now. We need to make sure we stay one step ahead by offering a service that our members and potential customers can regard as superior.”

What are your goals for 2017?

“To continue growing. We’d love to hit the 30,000-member barrier. The Cheltenham Festival starts this week (March 14), and that is an important time for matched betting – it’s the most profitable event of the year. Hopefully, we can capitalise on that and accelerate our growth.”

What does your company value?

“We value our members. Obviously, without them, our service would not exist but, aside from that, the community the members have formed is now one of the strongest points of our service. We have a team of staff who help customers, but a great deal of the support and advice comes from within the group of members. Most companies would envy that.”

What promises are you going to make and keep?

“To keep developing our offering. We’re dedicated to making matched betting as profitable and accessible as possible. We’re growing our team and investing in improving our tools to benefit current members and attract new ones.”

What makes you different?

“We have industry-leading software that makes matched betting easier and less time-consuming for our members, but the real jewel in our crown is our forum. It’s the biggest and most active matched betting forum on the web, and we have our members to thank for that. Also, we have more in-depth video tutorials than anywhere else on the web. If you want to learn to become an expert at Matched Betting, there is no better place.”