GiGse philosophy chimes with Trump mantra -‘The time for small thinking is over’


In his first speech to Congress, US President, Donald Trump stated: ‘The time for small thinking is over’, a theme which, according to Ewa Bakun, Clarion Gaming’s Head of Content, can be applied equally to the philosophy and topics delegates will address at GiGse. She explained: “The approach of addressing conventional thinking and turning it on its head is high on the agenda at GiGse. We’ve gone on the record as saying that GiGse’s role is to add some constructively disruptive thinking to the debates surrounding gaming in the United States and I am confident that will be the case.

GiGse philosophy chimes with Trump mantra -‘The time for small thinking is over'“GiGse has a broad remit which as well as encompassing the here and now also includes debates about the future and what the future will really look like for US facing gaming brands. Delegates will be part of an event which has big thinking at its core and where the dominant question is why not? rather than why?”

GiGse’s straightforward 2-track format enables attendees to devise their social gaming journey alongside envisioning an AI customer experience – mastering on-premise mobile whilst plotting their next eSports tournament, all set against the backdrop of forthright political and social debate conducted at the highest level.

GiGse’s Early Bird promotion, which provides delegates with a $200 saving on registration, closes on Friday, March 10. The Early Bird enhances the value of participating in what is the most influential ‘future thinking’ gaming event taking place in North America.

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