3: Barrels: Joey Ingram eBook; Sammy Touil pays; Bryan Paris earns $10m

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3 Barrels of love and joy as Joey Ingram writes, edits, and publishes a poker strategy book in 11-days; Sammy Touil pays Phil Galfond, and Bryan Paris becomes only the second man to win $10m playing online MTTs.

There is no justice in the world.

Dan Bilzerian pays Jeff Gross $500,000 for having a small tattoo seared below the back of his neck, and Joey Ingram receives $2,000 for writing a poker strategy eBook in 11-days.

The Poker Podcast Prince took the bet from fellow poker player Jonathan Bales. It was a $2,000 even money proposition. Ingram had to exchange the mic for a lot of finger tapping as he went all Ernest Hemingway throughout the tale end of January.

The result was a 47,000 word, 253-page eBook called Chasting The Poker Dream Chasing The Poker Dream (Yes, Ingram included a typo in his title) currently ranking #1 in the poker book section on Amazon with four 5-star reviews.

You can pick up a copy for $9.99, and it should be well worth it. Players of the ilk of Ryan Fee, Cole South, Dan Colman, David Paredes and Jon Beauprez have contributed.

Ingram also plans to release hardback and audio versions in the future.

“I set out to write one of the greatest poker books ever written,” writes Ingram on Amazon. “I locked myself into a writing bubble over the last eleven days and dove deep into my mind to figure out the type of insane person you be to get to the High Stakes.”

I don’t want ever to hear another person complain that they have a book in them dying to emerge like that thing in Alien.

Get it done the Joey Ingram way.

Samuel Touil Pays Phil Galfond

 A year ago, controversy reigned when PokerNews offered Phil Galfond a platform to write an op-ed about a scam involving Samuel Touil.

In short, the pair was playing a cash game in Las Vegas when Touil ran out of fuel. Eager to keep the fish in the match, Galfond handed him a $250,000 loan which he promptly burned through with the speed of any man making love to a woman.

The piece was controversial because a smidgen of professional poker players complained that PokerNews had allowed Galfond to air his grievances on the site.


But in true Galfond style, close to a year after he wrote the opinion piece, he told us that Touil paid up in full. We know because Galfond said so, not in an op-ed, but in a Twitter post which he didn’t even have to write.

It was a nice touch.

Bryan Paris Passes The $10m Mark

We all know that Chris Moorman is the Negan of the online multi-table tournament (MTT) world, but who on earth plays the role of Rick Grimes?

It turns out that it’s Bryan ‘bparis’ Paris.

The online grinder became only the second player to win more than $10m playing online MTTs after Moorman achieved the feat back in September 2013.

How did he reward himself?

Did he buy a Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita?

Did he buy two round-trip tickets around the world?

Did he go all Jens Kyllonen and book a flight on Virgin Galactic?

Nope, he bought an electronic keyboard.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you become a wealthy man.

Paris might be second in money earned, but he is the King of the Cashes with 11,881, 2,456 more than Moorman.

Here are the world’s most successful MTT grinders.

PocketFives All Time Leaderboard (As of Sun, 5 Feb)

1. Chris ‘moorman1’ Moorman – $13,813,873.11
2. Bryan ‘bparis’ Paris – $10,006,170.05
3. Nicolas ‘PokerKaiser’ Fierro – $9,895,690.27
4. Sebastian ‘p0cket00’ Sikorski – $9,801,020.39
5. Shyam ’s_dot111’ Srinivasan – $9,357,049.94
6. Chris ‘Big Huni’ Hunichen – $9,101,579.12


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