Tom Hall wins $1m prop bet after losing 12kg in 6-Weeks

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Businessman and high stakes gambler, Tom ‘HongKongTom’ Hall, has won a $1m weight loss bet after losing 12kg in six weeks.

Tom Hall Wins $1m Prop Bet After Losing 12kg in 6-WeeksCould you lose 12kg in weight if you had the added incentive of winning $1m if you succeed?

It doesn’t matter how many times I stare at that question, or how many different scenarios I create in my monkey mind; there is nothing that would stop me from dropping this weight with that kind of life-changing money at stake, and I wouldn’t be alone.

And I am not fabricating a story. It really happened. A really, really rich bored person, offered Tom “HongKongTom” Hall odds of 10-1 that he couldn’t drop the weight, and Hall snapped up the bet putting down $100,000.

Do you want to hear something even more remarkable?

There was no time limit on the bet, only a set of stipulations that limited Hall’s ability to purchase a lot of crap to please a lot of people he probably doesn’t care about.

They say you are the sum of the five people you spend your time with – I need a new circle of friends.

Writing on his Facebook Page, Hall celebrated making the weight loss after only six weeks of his lifestyle change, by visiting an Italian restaurant and eating a lot of bread and drinking a few glasses of wine. He steered clear of the desserts because he has another wager that he can drop to 98kg by the end if Jan 2017. The price of that bet is $100,000 – he currently weighs 103kg.

So how did he do it?

“I think you really, really have to detest the way you look and feel to get off your arse and do something.” Hall wrote on his Facebook Page after writing about his old look resembling a ‘middle-aged car salesman with a beer gut.’

Methinks it’s a wine gut, Tom.

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If you want to spend the rest of the day forgetting the advice that you should never be envious of other people’s lives, then join the club.


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