WSOP Final Table: Cliff Josephy Back Into Contention

WSOP Final Table: Cliff Josephy Back Into Contention

Lee Davy brings you updates from the World Series of Poker Main Event as nine players battle it out for the title of poker’s Champion of the World and $8m in prize money.

Cliff Josephy is not going out without a fight after seeing his chip stack get eaten alive by Gordon Vayo in a set over set clash, earlier.

He was put all-in by Qui Nguyen in a blind on blind spat but woke up with [Ad] [Td] to double through the [Kd] [8h] of Nguyen. Next, he moved all-in over a Gordon Vayo 2,600,000 raise and Vayo folded, and then he doubled up through Nguyen for the second time when Josephy moved all-in over a Nguyen 2,900,000 raise, and Nguyen made the call.

WSOP Final Table: Cliff Josephy Back Into ContentionShowdown

Josephy: [Ks] [9d]

Nguyen: [Ah] [Qd]

Nguyen was a 64% favourite to win the hand, but any king or nine would work for Josephy.

The dealer puts [Qs] [Ts] [7d] onto the flop, and Nguyen’s fans are sent into rapture as they can see he has hit top pair. However, the flop also handed Josephy a gutshot straight draw leaving him with 32% equity heading into the turn.

Turn: [9s]

Josephy’s equity improves to 39% with the addition of the third spade.

River: [3s]

The fourth spade hits to hand Josephy a flush and the chants of “Johnny Comeback” rain around the stands.

Josephy is right back in this thing with 39 big blinds; Nguyen is down to 76 big blinds.

Final Table Payouts

1. $8,005,310

2. $4,661,228

3. $3,453,035

4. Michael Ruane – $2,576,003

5. Vojtech Ruzicka – $1,935,288

6. Kenny Hallaert – $1,464,258

7. Griffin Benger – $1,250,190

8. Jerry Wong – $1,100,076

9. Fernando Pons – $1,000,000