Partypoker Increase MILLIONS Guarantee to £6m

Partypoker Increase MILLIONS Guarantee to £6m

Partypoker has increased the guarantee of their groundbreaking MILLIONS event to £6m continuing to raise the bar of the largest guaranteed prize pool in the history of live European poker.

Ever since Del Boy spoke to me through the tube about becoming a millionaire, it’s been an unspoken dream simmering in the back of my mind. So when an online poker room slaps the word MILLIONS into the title of a new tournament and capitalises it, I get interested.

Partypoker Increase MILLIONS Guarantee to £6mThe time has never been better for partypoker to claw back a few % from the 71% market share that belongs to PokerStars, and they are pulling every trick out of the playbook including hiring a hoard of sponsored pros and creating the largest guaranteed prize pool in the history of European poker.

A month ago, partypoker drew saliva when they began their qualifying campaign for the £5m Guaranteed partypoker MILLIONS. Today, that guarantee has risen to £6m courtesy of a challenge laid at the feet of the Dusk till Dawn (DTD) Tournament Director, Simon Trumper, by his boss Rob Yong.

It may seem like DTD’s version of Batman, and Robin has taken one or two too many ping balls to the head, but they believe that by increasing the guarantee to £6m they will appease players of all bankrolls both big and small.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

The addition of the extra million changes things quite substantially. All players who make Day 4 are guaranteed to pull in £5,000 in prize money, and the number of players who can expect to make the money increases from 135 to 279.

Here is the new payout structure:

1st. £1m

2. £600,000

3. £400,000

4. £300,000

5. $200,000

6. $150,000

7. $100,000

8. $72,500

9. £50,000

10-12th. £40,000

13-15th. £35,000

16-18th. £30,000

19-27th. £25,000

28-36th. £22,500

37-45th. £20,000

46-54th. £17,500

55-72nd. £15,000

73-90th. £12,500

91-144th. £10,000

145-207th. £7,500

207-279th. £5,000

To pull in a field to cover a £6m guarantee is a logistical nightmare but partypoker and DTD are used to waking up in a cold sweat. The Day 1 action will take place across a myriad of live casino partners in the UK and

internationally. Players can also qualify via the online route for as little as a cent. The first 100 players that qualify into Day 2 via online play will receive a £550 cash back bonus, separate from the £6m prize pool (the price of the Day 1 buy-in).

Players can skip the Day 1 action entirely and buy in directly for the Day 2 action. The price tag is £5,300, and you can play a Day 2 online at partypoker or live at the Caribbean Poker Party or DTD. Players who travel to the Caribbean to compete in this event will take part in a £100,000 Last Longer competition. It’s simple. Compete in the Day 2 event in the Caribbean and if you last longer than anyone else who did likewise you will win £100,000 in cash.

I think I might have a stab at this myself.

Who knows, maybe this time next year I will be a millionaire?