White Label Checklist

White Label Checklist

White Label Checklist was created for those entrepreneurs who are looking for a way to launch White Label platform or as other people call it – betting platform which incorporates Sportsbook, Virtual sports, Casinos and probably other very popular games of chance. Sometimes it is very difficult come to terms with the technology which is moving forward in leaps and bounds, so a better idea might be paying close attention to the functionality of the product rather than listening to the very much opinionated ideas and suggestions of the developers who offer White Label.

White Label ChecklistThe best way to start discussion is to try to understand what White Label, online betting platform, actually is. It is true that the opinions on the matter do not hold together, therefore under the White Label product different companies mean different things. It would be easier to start form the other end and establish what this product should mean both functionally and operationally.

If we look at it from that angle – we should see that It should be the product which requires as less interference from its owner as possible. Most of the things should be done on the White Label provider side. So what are the things we are talking about, can White Label Checklist really help us in understanding whether the technology provider is doing its work right?

Including but not limited to those things are: Sub licensing, Risk Management, Trading, Flexible backend reporting tools, Affiliate System integration, SEO optimization, Marketing Support, Customer Support, Payment Processing, Partners Integration…

White Label checklist helps understand if there is a match between the effort that goes into creation of White Label and its actual asking price.

1. Is there a setup fee, why does the company charge it and what does the setup process include?

2. What is the Average Player revenue on your White Label?

3. Is there any Monthly Minimum sum to be paid?

4. What is the revenue share ratio?

5. Does it come with video streaming integration?

6. Does White Label have chat integration for dealing with customers’ requests?

7. Is there any pool betting functionality?

8. What languages are supported in White Label solution; can any additional ones be added?

9. Who are the biggest customers of White Label provider?

10. It is important to get the critical mass of players as soon as possible, otherwise the bets will not average out. That is why -when the new White Label platform launches, it attracts professional players with good skills first. They usually tip the scale to their side. But the odds always favor the owner of the platform when the number of players increases. So what is that number?

11. What minimum level of Bets wagered should be expected?

12. Where does White Label provider receive the odds feeds from?

13. Do the Sports live events come with live viewing?

14. Do the Sports live events come with visualization/ live match tracker?

15. How many dedicated traders are there for the White Label platform?

16. How the traders support the White Label solution?

17. Cam the White Label launch purely with marketing focus and everything else be outsourced?

18. Is a bonusing module integrated into the White Label?

19. What level of Marketing assistance can White Label provider give for the launch?

20. It is said that 70% of the success depends on the marketing; what marketing services are provided?

21. What are the key marketing launch drivers that an operator of White Label should focus on in order to gain as much traffic as possible?

22. Who is the license provider?

23. PSP’s (payment system providers): which PSP’s come as standard with the platform?

24. Can we integrate PSP’s of our choosing under provided gaming license? If so what are the revenue share requirements?

25. Please elaborate on the wallet technology of your platform. Is it seamless?

26. How long will it take to develop the custom built website? (Changings layout / Changing colors and banners)?

27. Does the White Label come with a mobile version: Possibly with an app? What technology is used for mobile version and IOS \ Android? Hybrid\Native?

28. What is the Average Player revenue to be expected?

29. Does the data feed come in different languages?

30. Is the platform working with the payment aggregator or each payment system added individually?

31. Can penetration tests reports be provided to estimate how secure the White Label is?

32. Is it possible to keep the players’ database on the client’s side?

33. Can email account activation model be provided?

34. Is there a cash out option on White Label?

35. What are the minimum internet speed requirements for White Label to function properly?

36. What about currency exchange rates, are users allowed to use different currency?

37. Is there an option to manage content placement from the CMS?

38. What are you the servers’ uptime? Can we include it in SLA agreement?

39. What is the loading time of the webpages?

40. Are there any mirrors provided for White Label?

41. How often the database backup is done?

42. Is it possible to use cloud technology, for example AMAZON servers?

43. Can the odds margins be adjusted from CMS system?

44. Can the system support different feed providers?

45. What are the risk management tools?

46. Can different limits be assigned to different players?

47. Can different players be assigned to different categories depending on their skill level?

48. Can the events placement be prioritized?

49. Is there a system to approve deposits and withdrawals?

50. Is statistics for third – party modules provided in White Label CMS?

51. Is activity log information provided for players/users?

52. Are there roles for backend CMS users (Owner/Admin/Manager etc?)

53. Are the requests going through https protocol?

54. What is done to prevent cross site scripting attacks XSS ?

55. What is done for sanitizing user input (front end tools / backend tools)?

56. Are you using X-XSS protection headers for protection against reflected XSS to keep browsers from running malicious script?

57. What have you done for Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) prevention?

Even though it looks like this White Label checklist is exhaustive but it is far from being complete. Each of the questions in White Label checklist can still go into even more granular details. But if the entrepreneur starts asking them, the chances are he won’t be treated as amateur and the sales representative will need to be more specific in providing answers about what the White Label consists of.

If you need more information about what it takes to get in front of your competition by operating online White Label solution, I will gladly share more secrets with you.

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