Blockchain in financial industry and business. Moscow to host the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference

On November 10, for the second time this year, Moscow will host the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia – a conference dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based services. The main subject of interest will be blockchain in banking sector, management and different business areas. Bitcoin, Ethereum blockchains, and individual blockchain implementations interest not only the major banks, but medium enterprises as well. Implementation of blockchain products reduces operational expenses and makes business processes open. According to the organizer, Smile-Expo Company, the conference will be divided into two sections: for financial experts and entrepreneurs. Participants will present blockchain cases and will discuss application of blockchain in payment systems, assets management, jurisprudence, insurance and Internet of Things. Blockchain in financial industry and business. Moscow to host the Blockchain & Bitcoin ConferenceThe main topics of the conference: – What business areas fit blockchain; – What crypto- and blockchain projects are worth investing; – Where to find developers; – How authorities view blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies: bill from the Ministry of Finance and creation of national blockchain consortium; – Foreign experience. ‘Last conference on blockchain, which was held in April, has shown that Russian entrepreneurs are interested in blockchain and bitcoin,’ said the coordinator of the event Pavel Likhomanov. He also told that representatives of major payment systems and companies, well-known outside the territory of the RF, have already confirmed their participation in November event. More detailed information will be published on the website of the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia.