Elevator Pitch – BlockEx

BlockEx Pitch

In this one-minute elevator pitch with CalvinAyre.com, Adam Leonard discusses why BlockEx is built for new age assets.

In the dawn of the new age—of money—how can novice investors survive? Digital currency, such as the popular bitcoin, is known for its complex algorithms that allow users move around money quickly and without the need for a central authority to process transactions. Bitcoin, in particular, is popular right now for being the go-to “safe haven” asset—one that thrives in a deteriorating global economic situation. Bitcoin, however, is just one form of digital currency. There’s also its cousin, ethereum, which has already proven that it is one of the most resilient cryptocurrencies out in the market today. And with the digital currency sector all grown up, there’s still room for other financial institutions that may have been looking to issue their own digital asset. But how do you build a platform—from the ground up—for something digital currency? BlockEx has the solution. “We have a financial services arm, so if there’s a financial institution looking to issue their own digital asset, we’ll walk them through how to set up the corporate entities in a legal way and help them choose the platform that they would build their digital asset on top of,” BlockEx’s Adam Leonard told CalvinAyre.com during the iGaming Entrepreneur Conference in November. BlockEx describes itself as a regulator-friendly digital asset exchange platform that is “built for new age assets”—one that allows retail trading firms and institutions to trade, well, digital currencies. “We have a high frequency trading matching engine that can handle true institutional volumes. We offer, introducing brokers white labeling services so our brands can take this tech but for digital exchanges. We have copy trading for novice investors and we have a back office, fiat digital asset clearing mechanisms so that our brands can very easily, quickly clear the IOUs between the brands because it is a pool liquidity exchange,” Leonard said. Are you an iGaming company looking for an investment? Submit your ideas to CalvinAyre.com Ventures.