Prop betting: What will Hillary Clinton say in her acceptance speech?

It’s official, Democrats have made Hillary Clinton the first female presidential nominee of a major political party.

Prop betting: What will Hillary Clinton say in her acceptance speech?The former first lady and secretary of state was formally installed on Tuesday as the Democratic Party’s candidate who will take on GOP’s Donald Trump. Clinton is scheduled to formally accept the nomination on Thursday night before setting forth on an intense fall campaign for the U.S. presidential seat.

Anticipation is building for Clinton’s acceptance speech, and that, as we all know, is a prime opportunity for wagering. What will Clinton say in her acceptance speech?

Length of Hillary’s acceptance speech

But first, how long will the speech last? At Bodog, the odds of Clinton’s speech going over 48.5 minutes is listed at -160 (5/8), while under 48.5 minutes is at +120 (6/5).

Now, there’s no doubt that Donald Trump will be a prominent topic of Clinton’s speech. The question is, who will she mention first? Bodog favors Hillary saying “Obama” first at -180 (5/9) before she mentions “Trump” at +140 (7/5).

There’s also the probability that she will mention words related to her rival, such as Trump steak(s) (+350), and Trump University (+125).

Of cheesesteaks, Black Lives and Celebrity Apprentice

There’s a bunch of other prop bets available, including the probability that Hillary will discuss Black Lives Matter (-300), Benjamin Franklin (+400), the issue of “building a wall” (-150), WikiLeaks (+160), cheesesteak (+550), as well as Trump’s reality TV show “Celebrity Apprentice” (+350) and Wall Street (-180).

The odds of Hillary talking about the Supreme Court is at -1000, while mentioning ISIS is at -400, Liberty Bell is at +350, and Obamacare is at -150.

Tech and sports talk

There are props regarding the probability that the former first lady will talk sports and technology-related issues, including emails (+225), Eagles/76ers/Phillies/Flyers (+325), Ferguson (+225), hackers (+300). The odds of her mentioning Rocky Balboa during her speech is at +600.

With the election less than four months away, Clinton is a -200 favorite to win the election.