Nathan Rotschild discusses the importance of big data in sports betting

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In this interview with Calvinayre’s Rebecca Liggero, Nathan Rothschild of iSport Genius explains how data and analytics help players gain a competitive edge in sports betting.

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Roman philosopher, dramatist, and writer Seneca once said that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

His timeless words of wisdom still rings true, especially in the world of sports betting wherein competition between players become tougher. According to Nathan Rothschild of iSport Genius, sports bettors nowadays are becoming more discerning that they look at the playing field first before loosening their grips on their bets.

When they get hold of a good data, Rotschild said that’s the time when sports bettors will pounce at the opportunity in front of them.

He cited the case of sports bettors who wanted to see first Manchester United’s performance for “the half-time, full-time, and double for the past thirty games in the wet at night, at home, coming off at a 6 day break” before placing their money on the team.

“We’re really saying [that] through some really in-depth market research, sports bettors want data as a background,” Rotschild told “They actually want tips, they want to be more informed. So what we’ve saying with that if they want good data, they certainly want better data or really good analysis of that data to actually make a decision so we can actually analyze data incredibly, deeply, and we can link that to the betting market.”

Unlike in the past, Rotschild explained that most sports bettors tend to go from one website to another in order to search for data, which they will be use to decide on whether to gamble away their money or not.  As a result of this ever changing gaming attitude of sports bettors, Rotschild said that most bookmakers find themselves losing valuable clients.

As a solution, he said that bookmakers created a one-stop shop for both sporting data website –like the iGenius – with hopes that sports bettors will stop going to third party sites.

“That’s exactly what the bookmakers don’t want. They don’t want their users going to third party sites because God knows where they will actually end up and where they actually end up placing their bets,” Rotschild said. They want time on site so with a really sticky platform the way we had built, we’ve ensured the users of our platform that is embedded into a bookmakers’ website will actually stay on the site so we will engage them, and actually convert them.”


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