Swedish heavyweight in the gaming industry swims against the tide – Putting it all on the table (games)

Swedish heavyweight in the gaming industry swims against the tide - Putting it all on the table (games)

Today 7th of June the industry’s latest player hits the casino floor. Codeta is an innovative Live Casino with a mission to give table games a new online home. The goal is set high and clear – Codeta will be the world-leading site for Live Table Games.

Swedish heavyweight in the gaming industry swims against the tide - Putting it all on the table (games)Investors are also excited with the vision and concept and were keen to climb on board, putting just over €2 million on a table of their own, in startup financing. A year deep into the development process in close collaboration with heavy hitters such as Evolution Gaming, Net Entertainment, LynxEye, Another Agency – and of course by talking to future players – Codeta is coming together.

Rather than seeking inspiration online, Codeta looked to the elusive world of exclusive casinos to get a better sense of how to emulate that sophisticated and timeless sensation you get when thinking about a classic casino environment. But how would you bring a sensation online? The sound from the roulette wheel, a card turning, the soft voices of the spectators and an authentic live dealer. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to talk to the dealer in your own language? When there is a will (and pioneering technology), there is a way.

Codeta’s gaming portfolio is carefully selected in close collaboration with the industry’s top technology providers of Live Casino partners, among them Evolution Gaming which is Europe’s leading live casino providers.

Codeta combines a modern demand with a timeless supply. Rather than endless rows of glimmer slots, the felts from classic tables games dress the site in green and there is always a table close by. Another classic table game is Baccarat, well known but littleplayed and until recently virtually undeveloped online.

The thought of betting on table games and leaving the slots and colorful animations that has set the online standard lately is something that Codeta’s founder Edward Ihre finds both appealing and important.

“We are leading by example and paving the way for a cleaner and more professional gaming environment. I have always loved table games and I truly believe that it is time to put quality before quantity in our business. It’s time to bring table games to the people”.

Edward Ihre has been a lively voice in the international gaming industry since early 2000. His experience shows that when you discuss gaming in complex jargon, you lose a lot of players, especially the less experienced. Combined with complicated rules and a fear of hidden costs, trust runs low.

Codeta’s plan to build trust is to offer well written, comprehensive and easy-to-follow tutorials that are always close by. Hidden costs are eliminated and clear payment solutions are set to a higher standard. The people behind

Codeta, who are real people with real photographs on the site, are easy to contact. “It is true that all net casinos claim a high level of transparency. If that were true for our competitors, we would not need to set a new industry standard and re-build the players trust in the business. But it is and we will”, says Edward Ihre.

For more information, please contact:

Yrsa Thunholm

Chief Operating Officer

Phone: +46 70 850 08 58

Skype: yrsa.arlert

Email: [email protected]