BetConstruct adds new Hi-Lo game to its live casino portfolio


The concept of The Higher Lower, once a viral web game, is adapted for gambling in BetConstruct’s Live Casino portfolio as a newly launched game Hi Lo.

betconstruct-adds-new-hi-lo-game-to-its-live-casino-portfolioJoining the ranks of fast-paced games this season, Hi-Lo is a live game which suggests players predict whether the next card dealt by a dealer is of a higher, lower or equal value to the one lying face-up on the table. The revolutionary ShuffleStar® Continuous Shuffler is a single hardware behind the game that contributes to a real-time non-stop shuffling action for all 8 decks played in BetConstruct’s Hi-Lo resulting in a fair gameplay and dynamic odds.

Hi-Lo is perhaps the most straightforward game within BetConstruct’s portfolio. However, the simplicity of the rules in no way diminishes the game’s appeal to players or decreases the profitability for operators. Apart from a single prediction, Hi-Lo allows for a number of side bets which liven up the game and add up revenue figures.

The globally understood idea of Hi-Lo has a clear and major potential of attracting mass audiences. By integrating the game, BetConstruct’s operators will take full advantage of this feature and leverage audiences who will enjoy the quick-to-play game.

About BetConstruct

BetConstruct is a global award-winning technology and services provider for online and land-based gaming industry. BetConstruct’s innovative and proven offerings include Online and Retails Sportsbook, Classic and Virtual Reality RNG & Live Casinos, Poker, Skill Games, Fantasy Sports, Social Gaming Platform, Sports Data Solutions and more – all ready to be launched and managed through SpringBME, its pioneering Business Management Environment .

Within Sports Data Solutions, the AI-powered scouting tool AJNA performs game flow recognition and provides statistics and extremely accurate technical data to create new unique markets to bet on.

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