AddInvest invests 6M SEK in the revolutionising betting-app Oddsium

AddInvest invests 6M SEK in the revolutionising betting-app Oddsium

AddInvest Medie Fund helps companies grow through assisting with marketing and advertising. The company has now decided to invest six million SEK from their fund in Oddsium.

AddInvest invests 6M SEK in the revolutionising betting-app OddsiumOddsium is a Swedish-based company with a locally developed app for sports betting. An app that makes the betting process both easier and significantly faster – with one single login to all bookmakers via a sleek and easily navigable interface. Much like most people these days access all their music through an app, Oddsium gathers all their betting in one place.

“It feels great to have AddInvest joining us at Oddsium this early on. I also view it as a testament to both our business model and product being extremely well suited to the market at this time, when business men of such acumen as the team behind AddInvest acknowledge the potential in Oddsium at this relatively early stage.”, says Mr. Krister Malm, founder and Managing Director of Oddsium.

“With the enormous potential for global development we see in Oddsium, we are most pleased to contribute with both financial and intellectual capital in the form of knowledge and experience, and of course our network, to ensure Oddsium gets the best possible start regarding media.”, says Mr. Johan Kalling, founder of AddInvest Medie Fund.

With an additional 6M SEK in media budget, Oddsium will be able to faster broaden its reach and grow.

”In addition to AddInvest’s media specialists and their skills, we get access to their rich portfolio of media channels. In this, diplomatically put, relatively competitive industry that we operate within – it feels great to have the support of AddInvest to further strengthen our marketing efficiency.”, concludes Mr. Niclas Borgström, Marketing Manager at Oddsium.

Mr. Lars-Johan Jarnheimer, Mr. Ulf Sandberg; Mr. Clas Dahlén, Mr. Johan Kalling, Mr. Hans Langenskiöld, Mr. Kristofer Högberg and Mr. Fredrik Langenskiöld are the individuals behind AddInvest, that now has invested 6 MSEK in Oddsium.

Contact details:

Mr. Niclas Borgström, Marketing Manager, Oddsium

+46 76 180 00 72

[email protected]

Mr. Kristofer Högberg, CEO, AddInvest

+46 70 269 26 99

[email protected]

About AddInvest

ADDInvest Medie Fund is a financing concept that delivers large media volume to rapidly growing entrepreneurial companies in exchange for shares. AddInvest  facilitates the implementation of large scale media campaigns for entrepreneurial companies, worthy of much larger companies through a cost efficient exchange.AddInvest was founded by long term successful entrepreneurs and directors with international experience of media and business development.

About Oddsium

Oddsium is an app for betting, making the process of betting faster and easier – with one login to all bookmakers within one interface. Oddsium offers voice search to find teams and leagues, betting with numerous bookmakers, live scores, as well as clear overview of all your bets. Oddsium is available for free in App Store.