Coral Offer Odds on Gary Lineker MOTD Undies Colour

Coral Offer Odds on Gary Lineker MOTD Undies Colour

Match of the Day host Gary Lineker is in discussion with the BBC over the possibility that he will host the first Match of the Day of the new season in his underpants after declaring his intention to do so during a tweet back in December.

Coral Offer Odds on Gary Lineker MOTD Undies ColourAdmirers of Gary Lineker are in for a treat after he opened discussions with BBC chiefs over the possibility of presenting the opening Match of the Day (MOTD) of the 2016/17 season dressed only in his underwear.

The underwear affair goes back to December when Lineker sent a tweet to his 4.7m followers stating that should Leicester City win the title he would ‘do the first MOTD of next season in just my undies’. To which Lineker’s ex-wife Danielle Bux replied, ‘Given your history, hope they’re clean.’

The subject of cleanliness may not be a problem (unless like Alan Shearer or Danny Murphy, you happen to be in sniffing distance), as UK Bookmaker Coral have opened up the betting on what colour his pants will be, and blue is the favourite bet at 2/1.

Lineker is 55-years of age, the age at which uncontrollable urine leaks are all the rage, hence the reason the colour black is 3/1. White comes in at 6/1. I don’t think Lineker will want the comparison to tighty whitey experts David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, or Freddie Ljunberg so those odds should be longer. The outside bets are 10/1 for pink, and 33/1 for polka dots.

The will he/won’t he underpants saga even made it to the floor of the House of Commons Prime Minister Question Time. Leicester MP Keith Vaz, donning a Leicester City scarf, told the house that Lineker had made the bold declaration and asked the PM if he ‘agreed that in politics as well as football, when you make a promise you should keep it?’

“I absolutely agree,” said Villa fan David Cameron.

There are a few problems that face Lineker if he is to strip down to his undies. We have already covered the middle age yellow streak problem, but there is also the question of manhood size, something that BBC Breakfast wanted to know if Lineker had covered.

He Won’t Be The First

If Lineker does go ahead with the bet, he will be up against some stiff competition. Check out this roll call of former footballers wearing specially adapted sausage shaped undies.

Coral Offer Odds on Gary Lineker MOTD Undies Colour

Coral Offer Odds on Gary Lineker MOTD Undies Colour

Coral Offer Odds on Gary Lineker MOTD Undies Colour

Lineker is a Leicester City legend. He scored 95 goals in 194 appearances between 1978-1985, before moving on to have an illustrious career at Everton, Barcelona, and Spurs. He also scored 48 goals in 80 England internationals. Only Wayne Rooney (48) and Bobby Charlton (49) have scored equal or more. He holds the incredible record of never having been shown a yellow or red card in his 16-year career.

In 2009, Lineker married Danielle Bux, a model and actress 19-years his junior. Bux handed him the first red card of his life when the pair divorced recently. I think she is missing him.