Tom Light talks using personalization to engage more sports bettors

Tom Light on Gamified sportsbook solutions

In this interview with’s Rebecca Liggero, Tom Light discusses how SBTech plans to utilize advanced personalization strategies to engage not only sports bettors in Euro 2016 wagers, but also casino players.

The Euro 2016 is bigger than any other sports betting event so far, even bigger than the World Cup. And SBTech has a plan in place to engage not only sports bettors, but also casino players who appreciate a more gamified experience.

Tom Light, of SBTech, said casino-type bets are perfect for big events like the Euro 2016, which tend to attract not only the punters, but also the casino players and poker players that don’t usually bet on sporting events.

“We called [it] the gamified sportsbook solutions. These are the one-minute bets…betting on what’s going to happen in the next one minute. I’ll make a bet on the next point, within 10 seconds the point occurs and five seconds later, I get the money back, so within less than a minute, I’m able to place a bet and get the money,” Light told

Light likened the one-minute bets to a roulette experience for players who want “to live the live game.”

“These casino players, they want the immediate money. They want to bet before the game. They don’t want to wait the 90 minutes, they want to live the live game,” he said.

In addition, SBTech also plans to utilize advanced personalization strategies so that punters will only see the sports that they want to bet on.

“We understand that on a different platform, the punter is behaving in a different way so the way our responsive work, we have the mobile one, it’s simple. You have the buttons and instead of becoming buttons, they’re going to become navigation menu and it becomes a workstation and when we build the responsive, we take this into consideration,” Light said.

Light said SBTech takes into consideration how its players will use the product. Essentially, the company doesn’t want to fight for real estate and cram 30 buttons on a single screen.

“We want to have four buttons on every screen. When you have 25,000-26,000 live events a month, how are you able to show the punter only four events? You really have to use the data that you have and show the punter a personalized offer, so when you open the mobile and when I open the mobile, we see completely different things according to what we’re going to like,” Light said.